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Other day...

DD: Mom, where is DS?

WBN: He's at so and so's. Does dad want to get hi?

DD: What? No!

DD again: Dad doesn't do drugs!!!

WBN: WBN is confused; WBN was asking if Dad wanted to pick up DS early, but silly WBN sees she left 'm' off of him. WBN just asked her 13yo to see if her father wanted to get high!

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OOoooops !

Good thing DD13 caught the typo.


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This makes me feel Shakespearean, as in: Milady doth protest too much.

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I nearly peed my pants!

First - I don't get 'hi'.

Second, if I did, I'd spell it correctly.

Third, I would never ask my children to see if their father wanted to!

Lastly, omgosh - that was some funny shit! I told my GF's at work, they're like nice of the year!

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