User Topic: Should I or shouldn't I?
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Default  Posted: 12:28 PM, June 23rd (Sunday)

We are due in court the first week in July. As I have previously posted, he is threatening to cut off support to our oldest if I do not "drop the complaint immediately." Fortunately, he has put this all in writing.

So the question is . . . Do I wind him up good or not? Depending on whether he hires an attorney, I am contemplating having a lovely $15.99 gem from Kohls on the appropriate hand. It would set him off. Might make him arrogant and inappropriate.

Downside is that he will pump the kids for info.

Thoughts? I normally try and err on the side of calm and caution, but yesterday's exchange cheesed me off but good.


PS: I filed pro se, but then engaged my attorney. He probably thinks GDM is representing me. He has no idea I am represented.

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Default  Posted: 12:39 PM, June 23rd (Sunday)

Would he notice the ring? I don't think my EX would.

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Cat, I think this might be the first time I've seen you considering playing that kind of game. Don't. You're better than stooping to his level.

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As my mom is *always* telling me...don't poke the bear.

Or think of grumpy cat asking you to please refrain from petting the drama llama.

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I think I would take the ring off even if I was actually engaged.. Your personal life is none of his business.. I wouldn't be trying any extra emotional jabs. This is about business, and I would keep it as professional and unemotional as possible.. I know it's tempting to try to hurt him, but I would shoot for indifference in this case and keep working towards that..

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FT plays games that hurt my DDs. So, I completely understand the desire to wear the ring. I GET IT!

That said, I know in my case he would retaliate somehow. So, I do not think I would poke the bear.

And, like Butterfly Girl said your personal life is none of his business, and if he thinks he got to you, he wins. So I vote don't do it.

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