User Topic: You are not going to believe what I just saw...
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a video on MSN where a BW threw the OW off a cliff and down a ravine. The OW says there was no affair, the WH admits there was an affair. The wife has moved out. Its all on video. Most people who commented said she should have thrown the husband off the cliff to. The OW just has a few cuts and scrapes. No charges have been filed against the BS>

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Yahoo. One for the good guys !!!

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i saw this too and i thought "good for her" some public humiliation from around the globe(as this has gone viral) for the WH and OW somehow warms my BW heart.

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I saw it too! thank goodness no-one was seriously physically harmed but the "world wide" public humiliation for OW and cheating stbx is awesome!!!

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Personally throwing someone off a cliff (actually looks to be sloped and maybe 5 feet or something) doesn't appeal. Not that I didn't have my share of fantasies and moments of rage.

But what blew my mind, was the husband - he just walked away. Knew he was caught and just turned and started walking. The OW tried to hide behind him, for protection and he just leaves her to the enraged wife... Yeah...he's a keeper - not!!

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That is some fucked up shit.

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Of course its fucked up. Shit, prisons and graveyards are full of people because of infidelity. But we glorify it in the media like its a normal thing to do. Its not only accepted in society its actually encouraged in some circles. The denial that the general public has in regard to infidelity is sickening. Its all good till someone gets killed or injured. Then its news.

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I'm with stronger. To many get hurt because of infidelity. I can say in the right situation I can see why people commit murder in the heat of passion.

I have told my husband he is lucky I did not seriously hurt him. I wanted too. My rage was so intense I did not care what I did.

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It has been going on for a long time. Infedelity causes many a normally sane person to act in ways you and/or they would never think possible. When it comes to matters of the heart/feelings the brain does not always function in coherent ways. My WH#2 actually locked up all our guns when he found out I knew before I got home. Now he and the OW are not worth me wasting a bullet on either of their pathetic asses and me spending my life in prison and I told him so. Throw someone off a cliff? Well, I hope if they do arrest her, I am on the jury.

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