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Question  Posted: 11:27 PM, June 24th (Monday)

I have recently opened up to a close friend about what has been going on and have been given a great key-logger software for the computer. I was wondering if anyone knew of something similar that could be used on a iPhone? Thank you!!

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Default  Posted: 12:25 AM, June 25th (Tuesday)

Because of the security of iOS, it can't be done (as far as I know) without jailbreaking the device first.

Most/all of the iOS keylogging apps available on the app store are scams. If you have a device provisioned for development (not likely), there are workarounds, but Apple doesn't dig software that circumvents their security on their store. Any app they permit for sale would be easily detected and wouldn't have the necessary permissions to catch input given to another app (if the other app was engineered properly).

So the short answer is "not if it's still factory, but it can work on a jailbroken device."

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Default  Posted: 7:59 AM, June 25th (Tuesday)

Best I've seen is decipher text. See all the texts on the phone and get deleted ones too (if avail). It uncovered lots in my case.

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Thank you for your response. I thought I had found one one night but he came home as I was researching and I had to X everything out and delete my history... Now I feel like I have to be the sneaky one :-(

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