User Topic: have to share this cuz i cant believe what i read.
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I just saw this on Craigslist...wanted married man. I'm 23yrs old and don't want a single man. It's easier on ME because I'm very busy. This is the best part....he needs to be drug and disease free and....HONEST???? HONEST REALLY??? How can a cheating man be honest. I want to find this little twit and flick her in the forehead for being so fucking stupid. I'm busy so I'm gonna see someone's husband and potentially destroy his family because I'm so busy, I don't have time for a real relationship.
She's 23 and looking for an older man that likes to spoil his lady friend and travel. Why not just say sugar daddy pay for the things I can't and I will blow you!!! I hate sharing a gender with this dumbass.
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I hate sharing a gender with this dumbass.

Yeah, but I get to share gender with the dick who will declare her his Soulmate because she blows him when he pays her rent or car payment.

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Yup blech.
I bet she gets a bazillion responses too. Sad sad sad

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Ok, so I probably shouldn't be laughing at this, but......

(Fine line between horrible and hilarious, right? )

Damn, people are ridiculous!

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Yeah, it is pretty funny jrazz. I can't believe that! So crazy.

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She is a fucking prostitute. I hope she gets busted.

eta: Married men are easier to blackmail.

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Flag her ad.

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Sister beat me to it. This twit is a prostitute. Flag her ad & get her busted.

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We share the earth with people like this. Someone who would advertise specifically for a married man. And married men who will willingly take her up on the offer.

My wife's AP prefers picking up married women. Unlike me, he has no problems with someone else's seconds. It beats commitment and responsibility, in his warped mind.

The level of brokenness and dishonesty boggles the mind. And the worse part - many of these people have no idea how truly messed-up they are. Somehow in their development they got the idea that living like this is acceptable, maybe even normal.

When you find the little twit, beg her not to reproduce, on behalf of humanity.

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Yeah I agree must be a prostitute or escort

The level of brokenness and dishonesty boggles the mind. And the worse part - many of these people have no idea how truly messed-up they are. Somehow in their development they got the idea that living like this is acceptable, maybe even normal.

^This perfectly describes the MOW. She honest to god thinks she did nothing wrong. Has always told me that if my M had been good my WH would never have done what he did with her This woman was married herself and her husband had cheated on her. Sick

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You gotta love the paradox of seeking an honest adulterer.

WH's OW wrote him a long email after the A started about what an honest, caring person she is.

Be wary of any one who tells you that they are honest and caring. If they really are, the way they live their life will show you.

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Yucky! I have a problem with people that post on craiglist or any other internet site because I don't think any of it is true. I think they can make up whatever they want about who they are. It is creepy and I always think of a creeper trying to get some goodies because they are just so jacked up that they can't get a person in real life.

This chicka is not playing with a full deck. has to be at least 20 missing from the deck!!!!

And for a married man to go with this he differently is out in space floating around with a "Im Honest now can you suck me" stamp on his forehead... Oh just puck!!!!

What is wrong with people....It is to bad that the internet allows this crap..because it give easy access to do other people wrong. I think everyone should have to take a test for stupid before being allowed the use of internet.

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Hey, what do you know, my WH answered her ad!

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In another time none of us would have even cared about an ad like that. But here we are and things like that just drive us insane.

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Saw this today on a bumper sticker and it fits this perfectly:

Everyone's entitled to be stupid, but you're abusing your privilege.

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Revenge  Posted: 5:29 PM, June 25th (Tuesday)

Sad reminder but someone should remind the little ho about the guy that killed 5 girls he met on Craigslist.


Ugh. Just so sick and sad.

Lord please let my darling daughters have more common sense in their pinkie toe than this bimbo has.


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