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OMG, I just saw a commercial about a credit card that now features its "eraser feature". In other words, you can "erase" your travel purchases from your credit card statement. I can't think of anyone who would feel the need for such a feature other than terrorists and cheaters. This totally enables wrong doing.

The commercial was all James Bond like, and it ended with a sexy young woman who showed up on a motorcycle asking "Do you need back up?"

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Guess we know what card were NOT getting .

I think ppl well honest ppl would like to maybe hide a purchase when they get a gift for a spouse ....ect but yeah I can see it doing more harm than good .



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I think that this is disgusting!

I just recently found a feature on on my cell (and WH's phone) called Privacy Box for texting. If you look it up on Handscent it is a way that you can HIDE texts from someone....and when you have it hid...if that person texts you that it wont make a noise. When googled there is a guy saying he is dating several girls and this way they dont know about each other.

Seriously..what is wrong with people today?

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"....and with a few clicks this mission never happened".

Or the 'massage' in Vegas, strippers.....unbelievable.

It's not really a fairy tale 'till the witch is deposed and a few dragons are slain

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It doesn't erase the purchases from your statements. It's one of those "cash back" programs but instead of sending you a check, you can choose to apply the reward directly to your statement to "erase" the charge for something.

I'd be shocked if it didn't still show up on your bill alongside the credit.

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