User Topic: He threatened to call the cops, so I brought them with me
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FTGWH is a staller, foot dragger, blameshifter, victim. Classic Passive/Aggressive. We have been S for almost 2 years.

I have been gradually removing my personal, legally separate property from our former marital home and community property business. I am considerate and always give plenty of advanced notice, never show up unannounced. A month ago I told him I would be coming for some office furniture I inherited from my dad. Filing cabinet, desk, safe, antique bronze cash register. Two weeks ago he finally filed for D. Last week I told him I wanted the file cabinets and desk. He asked for more time on the desk because he hadn't found a replacement. Ok, fine. I need it but dont want to be mean and it could wait. Took the file cabinet and register instead.

This week I inform him I'm coming for the desk (again). Give 2 days notice. I have therapy this AM and then plan to go to court, then the business. I live up on a mountain and going into town isn't a trivial journey. He texts me this morning after I've left my house and am 85% of the way there "Today doesnt work, it will have to wait until the weekend."

This pisses me off. It is MY desk. I have been accommodating. I have been patient. He has been lazy and doing nothing to help himself. It's almost an hour drive one way to the business for me. I'm not wasting this gas. I'm unemployed. Broke. FTG.

I text him "NO. I'm coming to get it, I can put a folding table in its place for now".

He repeats "no, wait until Saturday"

We go back and forth a few times and he just keeps digging in. I text him "this is a bad time for you to be fucking with me, as I'm at the courthouse filing a response to your divorce petition" (you know.... the one where you ask the court to not award me alimony? Yeah, that one.)

So THEN he texts "OK, it's easier for me to call the cops than deal with this right now. See you Saturday"

Way to go ASSHOLE! Are you still unaware of what kind of motivation I get when you provoke me? Let me just go get my bitch boots on. Mind you I dont actually text this to him...

So I get done with my paperwork, file my response with the clerk, get in the car and drive... TO THE POLICE STATION!

I walk in and explain to the dispatcher what is going on and ask if I could have a police officer come with me and stand by while I get my personal property so I dont end up in an altercation with WH.

She says no problem! Happy to help! So she gets on the radio, finds the cop who has the beat with our business location, confirms he is available in an hour after he finishes the call he is on.

So I text FTGWH one more time. "At the PD, shall I have an officer come by?

He replies "No, maybe Saturday. Im busy"

Ohhhhhkaaaayyyy. I get it. You are stupid!

I tell the dispatcher "Yes please send the officer in an hour." I take my dog for a walk in the park next to the PD then head over to get my desk. Turns out the officer got there before me and pulled up right in front of the break room when WH was having lunch.

I get out of my car, officer greets me, says he has already spoken with WH, (heh, heh, heh) I explain my plan for getting the desk into the back of my minivan. He walks into the business ahead of me, sidearm on his hip, all casual like. We go into the office where my desk is, and low and behold one of the staff has a folding table set up and is emptying the desk drawers into boxes!!!!

We actually know each other well as friends from way before the whole A shit went down and WH forced me out of the business. So I talk to him a bit, apologize for the inconvenience, help start unplugging wires and moving printers and computer and the cop says "Looks like you are working cooperatively and WH is remaining in the other room with a custoner, so I think I can go, but please don't hesitate to call the PD and I will come right back if needed. You OK with that?"

Oh yeah. I'm just fine with that

So staffer helps me get desk disassembled and then loaded into my car even!

Whew! Ok. Done. Mission accomplished. I pull around the corner and pull the bitch boots off and head over to my sisters house for a glassawine, and for my dog to roll around on her lush green lawn (I dont have a lawn up on the mountain)

Anyway. Part two of this story starts tomorrow when I head back to court to submit the forms to request temporary spousal support while our D is in progress. Don't make me put those bitch boots back on again!

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And that is how you deal with an uncooperative STBX. I applaud you !!!! Bravo....

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I applaud you too! That was awesome!


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Don't those bitch boots look great on you! HBKK you are my hero.

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Like Like Likelikelikelikelike....

mods, we need a LIKE button for stuff like this....

Don't make me put those bitch boots back on again!

Personally, I would never take them off...

You got Bitch Boots, Bitch Heels, Bitch Sandles, Bitch Slipper....

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Yes, Bravo! Them bitch boots feel good, eh?

Not sure why I was so scared to get the cops involved before.. With the way STBX dicks me around and has bitched me out IN FRONT OF THE KIDS during drop offs, I'm asking for an escort every time at the moment.

I actually require us to meet at the police station when I drop the kids off, and he keeps insisting I meet him at the store like we were before when he is the one dropping them off. So guess where the cops meet me now?

I'll be damned if I keep letting him do that in front of the kids. I can't control that POS, but I can control my reaction, and my reaction is to have backup..

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3-pointer from the paint!

You're my latest heroine!


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I had the cops every kid exchange for a few years.


Glad you got your daddy's desk.

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Thank you for the 'feel good' story!

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Ohmygosh, I love you, you're my hero, I salute you and wish I could buy you a drink!

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Great post on a Friday morning! Where is that slow clap gif when you need it.

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Where is the standing ovation button when you need it??

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Ok, I'm back at the courthouse feeling all kinds if empowered. Bitch sandals on, HAH! (thank you Undefinabl3)

Thanks for the kudos everyone. Dayum it feels good to stick up for myself and enforce my boundaries with appropriate consequences. I can't wait to go get my mom's dining table from the marital home.

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Love. This. Post.

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This post just made my freaking day! You go girl!!!!

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There needs to be a hand clapping smilie! Good job! Those boots look great on you.

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Love it, love it, LOVE IT!

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Standing on the edge of my seat and applauding you! Bravo!!

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Bravo! Well done!

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