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Default  Posted: 12:25 AM, June 29th (Saturday)

Dday was exactly 4 weeks ago. WH has been away this past week (just home today) from a business trip. We were supposed to do some reading and thinking.
The past month has been a roller coaster but I thought we were making some progress and the physical part of our relationship has been amazing. Well we got into arguing tonight and I told him if he was really going to be honest, I would need to have access to his phone and emails. So he gave me all the pass codes. When he went to bed, I checked the emails...nothing really there except for chats he had forwarded from a different account...
Then I went through his phone. He had taken her off of BBM but there was this other App on there called "Viber" that I hadn't heard of before. And there were chats from June 22 and again from his plane was landing. And he signed it "LU"...aka "love you".

So of course I confronted him and freaked. I told him he needs to pack his shit in the morning and get out. Also out of rage I messaged OW's boyfriend on facebook and told him of the affair. And I texted her telling her she could have WH. And I also texted WH's best friend and cancelled for the weekend...explaining it was because his best friend was cheating on me with a 25year old co-worker.

I'm done.

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Default  Posted: 12:47 AM, June 29th (Saturday)

I'm so sorry.

Lots of hugs - keep posting so we can support you.

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Wow, I am so sorry you are going through this. I'm also really impressed with how you handled it. Whatever happens next... You did good!

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Good for you for being so strong! How did he respond? Also, I think it's a good thing on a lot of levels that you told her bf. Don't ever give yourself a hard time about that. Sending hugs.

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I know this is hard for you, but IMO - you have done exactly the right thing.

I think we BS' often think - we don't want to rock the boat or scare WS away...but we don't realize at the time is that often they're either in or out; so showing your WS *YOU* are out (in that you won't put up with this junk; it's not HIS choice) you did what was good for you, hard as it was.

Her BF also deserves to know.

We are here for you ((Shudi))

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