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Default  Posted: 6:31 AM, June 30th (Sunday)

My WH bought a gun and got a concealed license permit a couple of days ago.
Now before all this, I would never have worried about my safety.
But after all the goings on, I don't trust him one little bit.
One of my friends suggested I just let the police know about the gun. He has it locked away, I can't get to it.
Any thoughts?????

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Default  Posted: 6:49 AM, June 30th (Sunday)

There is little the police can do if the gun was aquired legally. Unless you are in fear for your life. But still call them if you are concerned.

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Default  Posted: 7:10 AM, June 30th (Sunday)

If you can get the make and model of the gun write them down and a copy of his permits.

Even an empty shell and a fired casing and hide them some where.

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I just read your other post this morning about the A continuing between your H and the OW...and now this one about the gun. I'm so sorry but it seems like your situation has taken a turn for the worse and you (rightly) feel both physically and mentally unsafe.

Honey, is there anywhere you can stay for a while? Somewhere that you feel safe to process all this crap? Sending you strength and hugs (((soveryweary)))

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Default  Posted: 11:34 AM, June 30th (Sunday)

Thanks all. I am going to go out for the day. I went to the safe and the gun was gone.
He still won't admit he is still seeing her and he's going nuts trying to find out what and how I know.
Two of my friends are in possession of all my evidence.

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Default  Posted: 12:32 PM, June 30th (Sunday)

My WH bought a gun and got a concealed license permit a couple of days ago.
One of my friends suggested I just let the police know about the gun.
If he bought it legally and has a CCW, the police already know.

Don't want to give a false sense of security, but if he was planning to shoot you, the CCW makes no sense, as he could have easily just bought the gun and brought it home. Perhaps he is scared of OBH.

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Default  Posted: 12:48 PM, June 30th (Sunday)

IMO, better safe than sorry. An unstable WS "going crazy trying to find out what I know and how" is worrisome to me.

If he's armed, it's scarier.

Yes, the police will ultimately learn of his permit. They will not think a thing of it.

Unless you let them know that there are domestic issues that concern you.

I would tell them.

And I would think hard about finding another place to live.

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Is the OW married, or was she...? Cause I tend to agree this is a really stupid move if he is planning something - then again they have a tv show devoted to the dumbest of criminals...

I think what I would do is:

A) let him know this makes you very uncomfortable and that you have written up your concerns to be given to the police should anything happen to you - but tell him after you have done just that.

and/or B) Stop at the police station and explain the situation... so at the very least he is on their radar.

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Yes, I would also let the police know about the gun.

If he is "going nuts trying to find out what you know", he is not sounding stable ...and has a weapon!

In my mind, he's not only possibly harmful to you, he may be harmful to others.

Even if the police are kind of casual in their response, it may be good for you to know that you told them.

We live in a small area and after STBX was outed, more and more people aren't even wanting him around, and he's a coward at heart. The local police were very nice when I called to ask their advice and they took the names of STBX and OW and have some kind of log.

They don't have weapons that I've heard of but have caused plenty of trouble to me personally, so it may be beneficial. I don't think they would think of it as being bothered.

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