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*back story: my moms dday was a few months before mine. she did not R, did not pass go, but she did collect her proverbial $200 .

during our conversation this morning she told me that dad had called her about some financial/property business. she was, as usual, very focused, business like and to the point. when she didn't respond to his attempted "chit chat", he out of the blue said "I wasn't happy, you know that"... to which she replied:

"having an affair because you're not happy is like eating exlax because you're hungry"

she rarely talks about the A, dad or the divorce, but when she does she goes for the win.

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And guess who is making the quote thread?

Your Mom!

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It's easy to see where you get your awesomeness!

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Oh, that's a good one!

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It's easy to see where you get your awesomeness!


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Your mom is awesome. I want to be like her when I grow up.

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