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User Topic: you would think I would have learn by now
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Default  Posted: 2:02 PM, July 4th (Thursday)

One cannot have an opinion.

One cannot ask questions.

If you stand up when asked its not the right way

Most people enjoy drama.

Most people enjoy putting others down; making fun; calling names.

Most people twist what you say and make it about them then angrily accuse you of belittling them.

Or if you (politely) call them on something they have done, youre wrong and youre the enemy.

You know since ive had my rose colored glasses knocked off my face and smashed to smitherines, life has sucked. I like people less. Being alone is lonely but quiet.

People tell you exactly who they are...why expect them to be what they are not

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Default  Posted: 2:55 PM, July 4th (Thursday)


I'm sorry you are struggling today.

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Default  Posted: 3:36 PM, July 4th (Thursday)

Or you can recognize that now you no longer have a tolerance for bullshit and engaging in worthless battles with idiots. I wouldn't call that liking people less, I'd call that being more discerning.


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Sorry your day sucked today.

Take Care..

Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead....Adele

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Default  Posted: 8:03 PM, July 4th (Thursday)

((((sully)))) I feel the same way.

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Default  Posted: 8:14 PM, July 4th (Thursday)

Sorry you're having a bad day and are surrounded by such crappy people.

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Angry  Posted: 5:39 PM, July 5th (Friday)

Thank you.

Youre right Im tired of the crap. Tired of feeling bad. Tired of it making me tired.

I want something different.

Quiet is nice

People tell you exactly who they are...why expect them to be what they are not

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