User Topic: Has this happened to you? "Your H is perfect"
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Default  Posted: 11:09 AM, July 5th (Friday)

Hey everyone, have you been told by a friend who does not know about the A that your H is perfect? I know, right.

We were out with our visiting company two night ago and my H is playing the guitar/singing with the band. My friend looks at me and says, "Do you know how lucky you are? Really. H is such a GOOD GUY!" Then later she told him he was "perfect". We both just laughed it off and he finished by saying how he lucky he was to have me.

Grant it. I know he is charming, kind and he is also playing the guitar. He was also being very attentive to me. This adds to his overall appeal. Her H was talking with some women he just met across the table from her.

Anyway, later in bed he told me that he knows that must hurt me to hear that and said "We both know the real story, LA. If people only knew."

Have you experienced this? I am totally fine today but when it happens I just smile and bite my tongue.

Tongue is going to look pretty chewed up at some point!


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Yep. Happens all the time.

Once, just once, (and never again I might add), while in a rather bitter mood, I responded to one of those comments, with a deranged smile and a freakish, sing-songy rapid fire response of, "seriously? SERIOUSLY? So he has you fooled too?!!!!? Things are not always as they seem".

Well, I can tell you, that went over like a turd in the punch bowl.

This woman looked at me like I had slapped her, and recoiled in horror!

And I know, I KNOW, she still believes in her heart that he is awesome, and I am a lunatic.

So, lesson learned. Now, I just smile sweetly and agree.

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LA, perhaps my cynicism is misplaced but I just want to say BEWARE of a *friend* who thinks your H is "perfect". Be very AWARE.

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This happens to me all the time.

Especially, since d-day when my FWH is really doing everything that he can to make amends to me.

Ironically, even friends that know about the LTA say this now because he really is being the perfect husband.

What I now know is that you should never be envious of anyone.
All that stuff on FB?

Don't believe it.

There is often another story of their life but they are not presenting that on FB.

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Yep, get this too. Similarly last night someone said "Is WS always right?" and he normally would soak it up but he looked them squarely in the eye and said "no, sometimes I am very wrong, sometimes for months" and squeezed my hand.

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YES. Even people who know about the affair, at one point blamed it on me because WH seems so perfect in public

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All. The. Time.

Before the A, FWH was a great partner. Once we were in R, he has been a great partner. To the outside world, at least among the majority who doesn''t know, I''m sure he seems perfect. Thing is, I never wanted perfect. I wanted real, committed, honest, and making a strong effort.

I think people who say this have no real concept of how unattainable "perfect" is, and why it is dangerous.

I think if the "perfect" WS can acknowledge this, that is very encouraging, LA!

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All the time. My family constantly reminds me how wonderful my WH is, my friends remind me and people we barely know say it. But I have started looking at it in the perspective, all of the cheating was before we were married, and he has made a great turnaround, I always say he was a horrible, awful, selfish asshole of a boyfriend but he has become a wonderful loving husband. Yes it still hurts to hear it sometimes but I have become more immune to it over time.

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yes, i get this too...people think he is so great, and so handsome.

even his family is like that..and many of them know what happend...they still think he is great.

but you know what? i am SO HAPPY that i now know the truth about him. i am glad i am not one of those people being duped anymore.

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I know exactly what your talking about. My in laws know the truth of what he did, but he is perfect and it is all my fault. They treat me like dirt under their feet. I also agree, beware of a friend who thinks he is perfect! I warned my H for yrs about the OW before the A started. I could tell by the way she talked to me about him and her body language when she talked to him that given the opportunity she would pounce. And I was right!

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Omg! I get that a lot! Especially now because he is trying so hard to be supportive, attentive, loving, etc... His mom thinks he s just amazing bc when she's over he's cooking, cleaning, taking care of the kids. Sometimes I just want to scream!

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Yep I get this. What a great Sargeant Major in the Army he is, what a great guy. A couple people who know, when they were told, couldn't believe he did what he did. Neither could I honestly.

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I've gotten similar comments about my WW, who often seems to be a superwoman - good wife, mother, cook, PTA volunteer / fundraiser, active in our church, assistant in my office, etc. She was also an unfaithful wife for 10 months beginning in April 2012, but not many know about that.

I'm guessing your husband, like my wife, really IS a good person in so many ways. Your bio indicates that he's a keeper and you are working hard at R. Same for me. So I guess in many ways we are to be envied for having a marriage that is worth fighting for, even under the worst of circumstances.

But perfect? Uhh, no. Far from it. That's a word that shouldn't be used to describe human beings, anyway.

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Yep, my FWH really is pretty amazing NOW...we recently moved to a new place, so they never saw the lazy, party animal, non attentive H that was there before...

Now they see a man who holds his wife's hand. Who playes ball hockey in the street with the kids, who picks the kids up from school every night and cooks dinner. All things that are new since we started true R.

Usually when the women say, you're so lucky, your H does X...I look at them and say, luck had nothing to do with it, it took us a lot of work to get here. Usually that go to line really makes us all feel better

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OMG yes, almost exactly the same words from a good friend...and yes, my tongue was hurting that night! Never believe what you see. He is perfect to so many, and once was to me too...but never again.

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Oh yes. ALL the time. In fact, I recently revealed to a close girlfriend that I actually (contrary to how it might appear) do have a fairly solid "jealous" streak when it comes to WH. She was stunned that I was the "jealous type," and went on to gush that WH and I are a "perfect couple!" What's more, she's seen "the way" he looks at me and anyone "with eyes" just knows WH would NEVER ever cheat on me...

I almost choked on my wine!

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So glad I'm not alone!!
Tons of people think he is the best thing since sliced bread.
Although someone told him he was a lucky guy to have me this morning and he said "Yes I am!!! VERY lucky!"

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Anyone who fawns over another person and describes that person as 'perfect' is missing more than a few screws. Seriously, ignore them.

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

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As the FWH I don't even like hearing that. But we have heard it. Don't get me wrong, it helps me validate that I've made changes and I am improving on myself because I never would have heard it before. But, it acts almost as a trigger for me because I run all the things through my head about how NOT perfect I actually am. Not to mention how I know it makes her feel.

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I'm with flat lined on this....I no longer trust anyone who thinks my WH is a "great guy" or "perfect" and I'd really question someone who pointed it twice. MOW in my case was a friend though and that's how it all started, she saw a good guy who seemed a step above what she had at home. Unfortunately appearances don't make a strong marriage. When I hear it now, I feel like a jerk for the things that run through my head but usually smile and agree.

I responded to one of those comments, with a deranged smile and a freakish, sing-songy rapid fire response of, "seriously? SERIOUSLY? So he has you fooled too?!!!!? Things are not always as they seem".

Oh my gosh, Pain! This made me laugh! It only takes one time of getting it wrong doesn't it?!

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The first step to living the life you want is leaving the life you don't want.

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I posted something similar recently. It makes me SICK. I actually had a coworker who was also a good friend meet us out once with her SO, and she commented later that he clearly adored me. Months later he signed up on AFF. Wow, I feel so adored. Everyone thinks mr triple is just the salt of the earth, but I know he's a poser. He has everyone snowed.

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I had to respond. One day my sister, who knows nothing of my long, sordid story, said, "you have a fairy tale marriage!" I said, "yes, I'm married to Goofy!"

Damn autocorrect is responsible for the silly errors, sorry!

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Omg scaredyKat, that is funny! I will have to remember that

I am always surprised what post resonates with people. Clearly people can relate to this one!

Sal: you are right. I do think my spouse is overall a good person and this is what people see PLUS the new addition of him clearly adoring me. And let's face it. They are projecting their own story on what they see with us. I did notice about this friend (who we see every 3-5 years) is that she and her H rarely engaged one another. said it! It is not about getting lucky its "hard work". For sure. Even moreso now, right!

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Triple "I know he is a poser"
WORD, sister!

"yes, I'm married to Goofy!"
I had to laugh out loud...That is hilarious Kat!!

What DO you say to folks that just gush over the WH?

Mr. Happy even before his stupid A was always referred to as "Such a Nice Guy", *sigh*

A woman saw us a party, that we have known since we were dating actually cried because we were still together after all these years... UGH!!

I could not really say:
"Well he had a 5.5 year PA with a co-worker. I am still licking my wounds 2 years later...but yes we are still together." Not really. But I must say, it was bubbling right behind my lips.

I am trying to find my way back to the "Nice Guy" I knew. Hopefully this will happen before my 'give a shit' breaks!

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OMG! Drives me crazy. I am lucky now but before he was nice to everyone but me!

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Heaven help me, I just got this again tonight. "oh he's such a great guy! We were all just talking about how much we love him.".

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Heaven help me, I just got this again tonight. "oh he's such a great guy! We were all just talking about how much we love him.".
I almost lost my shit right there and then. It would take a forklift to pick up the collective jaw drop that would occur when Mr Triple's adventures on AFF were revealed.

40 somethings - me BW after 20 years
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My H's sister was visiting, and at one point sighed deeply and said, "I wish I could have the kind of marriage you two have..." Granted, her H is a total asswipe, and for us it was a good day (our son was graduating from college), but neither one of us said anything, we were too stunned into awkwardness.

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My WW is a rather public figure, so whenever we go out, she is recognized by many people. No way to go out with just her and not have someone feel the need to say hello. That, in and of itself, is rather annoying, but I've had complete strangers come up to me and tell me what an awesome person she is, and hot, and blah, blah, blah. I usually nod in agreement and say "yep, that's why I married her". There have been times where I really wanted to say "you want her?"

heck, I've even had one of her friends tell me what a lucky guy I am, even though she knew about the affair while it was going on and even encouraged it.

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