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Funny  Posted: 3:20 PM, July 5th (Friday)

Literally. Well, it''s a wood laminate, but it''s that snap together flooring. We''re redoing the office over the weekend and eventually, will redo our hallway, guest room, and the dining room. Looking good too. Taking a short chips, dip, and soft drink break right now.

I''m amazed at how easily it''s going. Almost like we can read each other''s minds. And how easily we''re working together. Two weeks ago, I had just come back home from leaving for three days after finding his porn stash (ironically, in the same room that we''re redoing). And today, peace, harmony, and chips & dip!

Life can be a funny old thing, can''t it? OK, break over, back to pergo-tory!

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Glad things are going well. I was so hopeful for you when you posted about the shredder and this post made me smile.

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Good for you Skan. Best place to start rebuilding is from the ground up.

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Happy to hear things are better.

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Skan...That is good to read.

We have Pergo throughout our house. I love's indestructible..A word I hope will describe our M and the M of those who are also in R.

Take care.

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Glad to hear things are going better and you are clicking. Thinking of you.

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I love all the metaphors in this thread .

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