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I politely asked when he would tell his family since I am extremely close to my mother in law and his sister is one of my closest friends. He said, "Sovery, I don't feel the need to tell right now. I eventually will tell Larry, moe and curly.(his three best friends), since they are who I see the most."
He has always been eh about his family, the sun rises and sets on his one best friend.
His total lack of regard for the members of his family is appalling on so many levels.
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Big hugs (((sovery)))

Has he always been an avoider? Sounds like that's what he's doing.

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I ended up being the one who told my (now-ex) mil & fil, 4 months after I filed for divorce, and after now-ex was already living with OW. I think they knew he wasn't living at the house, but they didn't know about the divorce. I viewed it as yet more more of his messes I had to clean up, as if I hadn't had enough to deal with at the time.

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XWH didn't tell his family either. I emailed my ex-MIL when I filed. I never heard from her or their side of the family again.
I can't say that I'm real choked up about it either.

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If it ever comes up or they start asking you questions, you should tell the truth. You also shouldn't hide anything.

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I had to tell too. He was too much of a coward to do so. Don't lie for him, if it comes up, tell.

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I'm avoiding them as best I can because I don't want to p him off before all is said and done. Just went to the lawyers yesterday. He's being nice, but I can see he's starting to lose it. His mask came off and I'm the one who sees that.

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I told everyone. Not my secret to keep. He didn't like it but too bad.

He made alot of noise and threats but he did nothing. A coward through and through.

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