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How do you know if you don't love your W anymore? Is it a feeling? A lack of feeling? How do you know that the love is gone?

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I knew that I was done with the marriage when the thought of staying with him was unfathomable, and the thought of being alone was not scary at all.

I would rather be alone than with the soul crushing experience of living with an unremorseful spouse.

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I would thing that there would be nothing love, no hate ~ just nothing over an extended period of time.

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I think it's a lack of a feeling. When you look at them (with plenty of effort and time having passed) and you feel nothing. Any feeling is something.

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Gosh what a great question. I thought I was done with the love "thang" with ws but these posts above say maybe not. I don't know if its my co dependent self or if I still care. It's hard for me to not like someone but sounds like its just total indifference..Dammit guess I'm not there yet. I still care, I still want to do things that make him smile, not all the time but more than I should. My question would be...when does it end. I want to feel nothing but can't.
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