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Poor thing. His MOW of 4 years most likely doesn't realize he's cheated on her.
It's amazing all the different women. One sent him pictures of her on her vibrator and her boobs. He sent that same one a lovely lets get together letter. A few more, and this all occurred during thus 4 year affair.
So glad to be done with him, she's gonna be one surprised cupcake!

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I find it comforting that some MOW are so very lucky in love! Some wine to toast their love bubble!

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Mine was the opposite. The OW cheated on him with several men. My EX still doesn't know I guess. They deserve eachother.

I divorced him because I didn't like his girlfriend.
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My prince did the same thing, and each OW thought they were in such a special relationship with him. WH better have a good ass-guard, because Karma's going to bite him hard someday...

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Oh yeah, I hear this one. My XSO had a lot of women. One thought she was his one and only. Ha! When I left, was she ever surprised to find that shortly after he moved in with a different one! Must have burst her fairy bubbles.

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