User Topic: My friend drives the karma bus
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So OW and I have mutual friends. Some who know and some who don't. Today, she posted a picture on her fb about staying faithful in a relationship. My friend saw it and nailed her to the wall about how hypocritical it is to post about being faithful when you willingly admit that taken men 'run to you and it's not your problem their woment can't take care of them'. She denied denied denied. Said she never gets involved with an attached man. Said she's been cheated on so knows how it feels. Blah blah blah. OW finally got so frustrated that she deleted my friend (I honestly can't believe it's taken this long). Unknown to OW, my friend screen shotted most of the conversation. Part of it is now posted on fb for anybody who cares to see and boy are the guys having a laugh at her expense. I know I'll probably feel a twinge of guilt later, but right now, I'm laughing right alongside them.

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Haha....I love it!!!! She just bursted her faKebook bubble.

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Today, she posted a picture on her fb about staying faithful in a relationship.

An adulteress who is out of touch with reality...really?

BTW: kudos to your friend for calling bullshit on her bullshit!

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