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My D-Day was 9 years ago today. He walked in while I was making supper and gave me the "I'm not happy" speech, ending our 30 year marriage.

Last week my kids and grandkids came to visit. I hadn't seen them in 4 years and I had made many plans for fun times. I LOVED the time I got to spend with them and cherished every moment, but the sad thing was they had to split their time with HIS side of the family too.Normally I would've been invited to their activities too but he flew in too and I was told not to go.

I hate him for that.

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I divorced him because I didn't like his girlfriend.
M 30 yrs.

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You can call me NIK

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I'm glad you had some fun, quality time with your family. I'm so sorry it had to be split due to his actions leading to where you are today. Sending big hugs your way.

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I'm sorry, Pippy.

I have this too and it is not reciprocated sometimes, which makes me be more stingy with "my time."

You sound like a great mom and grandma.

I am invited still to the inlaws sometimes and frankly and finding it more and more difficult to attend. They are starting to talk about "having to" welcome OW at some point, and I cannot fathom being "friends" with anyone who welcomes "it".

I'm sorry again, for your hard times and imagine that you put in all kinds of time making plans for the kids.

FWIW, DD is having to miss occassions to go on her visits sometimes and showing or telling of it upsetting her.

It's not easy.

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Thanks guys. The hugs from "people who understand" mean more than you can imagine.

I divorced him because I didn't like his girlfriend.
M 30 yrs.

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I think...therefore, I'm single.

It is what it is.

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