User Topic: Thursday is our first hearing
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It's to set a trial date and for pre-decree relief and temp custody. My attorneys aren't worried, so I guess I shouldn't be. I won't say how I feel, know, my stalkers and all that, but I'll probably be asking for mojo *again* 24 hours from now. The good news is that my attorneys have bitch boots, so really I should be fine.

Edit to add: Haha! I forgot I deleted my OW rant before posting and didn't change the thread title. I don't know how to change the title from my phone. Oops. Oh well, but she is stupid.

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She is stupid.

Trial mojo!!!

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Best wishes for speedy trial, Coraline.

I have empathy for you on the OW topic and have sometimes renamed "it" to "Stupid Fool."

Don't know if this will be useful for you, but one of my coping mechanisms regarding SF is some reminders to myself: to tell myself that I am on the other side of the fence already and at least have a more clear view of what probably awaits her.

You also know what your WH or STBXH is capable of, too. We are smarter for it, but I'm not always able to remember that when I'm down.

Best wishes for the least possible drama and the best possible outcome.

Go, Lawyers!

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good luck tomorrow!!!!!

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I have been keeping you in my heart and prayers Coraline!! And I will do so even more from now until we hear back from you. I am loving your attorney!! Bitch boots and all!

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Positive vibes coming at ya!

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Mojo on its way

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Good luck tomorrow. Sending mojo.

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