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The divorce is final. No spousal support. I waived about $80 a month in child support because at the moment it would be a hardship (this can change later). XWW was extremely cooperative.. give her some points for that. She accepted everything I suggested (that I considered fair). Only asked me to change one small thing while we were talking about it.

I have ~79% custody and final say in legal decisions according to our current parenting plan (but we're required to discuss major decisions). The plan will be renegotiated in 6 months.

No spousal support. We keep whatever property we have in our separate accounts and in our physical possession. We are responsible for our own student loans.

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Who would have been paying spousal and child support to whom?

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Sounds like how things fell out for me too.

So how are you feeling?

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Glad to hear that everything went as well as they could!

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Sounds like things went as well as one could expect. How are you doing?

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Congrats on having that done PIC. Hope you are doing ok today.

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I would potentially have had to pay spousal support to her, since I make several times as much as she does. Calculated child support was her paying me $80 a month but I requested that it be reduced to $0 for the time being since she makes almost no money.

I'm doing OK I guess. I feel a little shocked. Maybe like things are more open now, I'm more independent. A little sad maybe. Mostly I just have a sense of lots of things changing, which can be a little bewildering.

Including the car thing. Researching a good used car for around $6k takes a lot of work.

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"If you carry joy in your heart, you can heal any moment."
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Congrats. Do something nice for yourself-- you don't need to "celebrate," but you are starting a NB. I hope you can mark it by doing something more fun than used car research.

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BREATHE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's such a relief after the shit storm of D/S.

Now it will be time to make short and long term goals for your future.
Congrats and welcome to your NB.

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