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Default  Posted: 6:59 AM, July 18th (Thursday)

The other day while listening to the radio station, the DJ's were discussing strange or bad wedding gifts. One lady called in and said her hisband's grandmother gave her a bird cage. The only problem is that she did not own a bird.

So I thought this could be a funny thread to get moving on. What is the strangest or weirdest gift that you've been given?

I'll start:

1st W had a very eccentric aunt. We always heard stories about Aunt T. I never met her but in a way I wish I had because she sounded like an interesting person (then again maybe not - maybe just a bit more redneck than any of us would ever admit).

Anyway, for our wedding she gave us dish towels. One was brand new. The other was soiled. Very obviously used!.

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At least your Aunt T. didn't give you bed linens

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I still haven't gotten over this:

I took a series of Chinese cooking lessons and got pretty good at it. The 1st Christmas after X and I got M, his mother showed me a set of Chinese-style dishes in a catalog and asked if I would like them for my present. They were very pretty; I said yes, thank you! Christmas Eve the entire family was opening presents--we did this in succession, age order, so I was second to last. My gifts were the only ones not wrapped in Christmas paper
When I opened the packages, instead of china dishes, it was those footed, stainless steel dishes that they serve your food in at Chinese restaurants . MIL sat there beaming; she was very proud of herself. I did say thank you...

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Default  Posted: 9:43 AM, July 18th (Thursday)

when i got married to X, we got pretty much everything we registered for. My aunt apparently didnt feel the need to look at what we were asking for and instead, gave us a cartoon cell print of Tweety Bird

I never liked Tweety Bird and am still really confused by why she would give that as a wedding present.

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One of the guys I dated in high school took me to his extended family party on Christmas, or the day after, something like that. His grandma, who was quite elderly and not entirely mentally stable anymore, had not been informed I would be coming, and thus did not have a gift for me. Mind you, I showed up a few hours after they had finished exchanging gifts (intentionally).

She was very flustered, then disappeared into her bedroom rather abruptly. She came back out a few minutes later with a wrapped gift. The paper was crumpled (pulled out of a trash can) and the tape had bits of other paper stuck to it (also from the trash can). When I opened it, I found a box of Andes mints, open with two missing, and an old pencil taped across the top.

It was incredibly sweet and incredibly bizarre.


I have a girl friend who received, for her wedding from her husband's aunt, a painting of a mountain. The aunt herself painted it. For all the world though, it looked like labia. Like, everyone who sees it asks, "Umm...why do you .... is that ... uhhhh....? "

They hang it when she comes to visit only.

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For my milestone 40th birthday, my X gave me a paper shredder.

Explains a lot, doesn't it?


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have a girl friend who received, for her wedding from her husband's aunt, a painting of a mountain. The aunt herself painted it. For all the world though, it looked like labia. Like, everyone who sees it asks, "Umm...why do you .... is that ... uhhhh....?

What, you haven't hear of Hoohah Mountain?? It's in West Vajayjay.

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When I opened the packages, instead of china dishes, it was those footed, stainless steel dishes that they serve your food in at Chinese restaurants . MIL sat there beaming; she was very proud of herself. I did say thank you...
I read this and couldn't help but laugh out loud because they are called "chafing dishes".

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I've gotten more than a few, so picking just one is tough! I think I'll go with the one where the giver had built it up, and was genuinely surprised I wasn't thrilled.

That would be a Christmas gift I received about 6 weeks late one year (because it was back-ordered) from my H. He kept saying he knew I was going to be so surprised, and it was really pretty, and other little statements/hints.

Finally the big day came: UPS delivered a box. He asked me to sit in the living room with the kids gathered 'round (so as to behold the magnificence of the gift) to open it.

I'd been thinking: jewelry.

I got: a solid brass water pump. The kind that has the arm you pump up and down to create suction to draw water up and out of its spout. From my perspective, a total "WTF?!"

He said he could see it in the galley of the (larger) boat we'd have one day. Ooooookay....

I think he failed to take a step back and reflect on this particular purchase; he's done much better on other occasions despite a few humdingers here and there.

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Default  Posted: 1:53 PM, July 18th (Thursday)

early in our M on Christmas I opened my gifts from mr unfound to find... a toilet brush. an exercise vhs and a dust buster.

he had planned it out, watching me get pissier and pissier as I opened each gift....then gave me my real present, a ring I had been drooling over for months.

he's a funny guy


each year my mom and I do "themed" presents for christmas, I always end up with some really weird stuff... one year the theme was polka dots, another year was dollar store, one time it was things that start with the letter O, things at least 10 inches tall,

the best was (and I can't remember the theme) was a solid black candle, at least a foot and a half tall and wide, in the (detailed) mold of a couple in a , uh, compromising position . had to eventually throw it away cause, really...? can't donate it, can't give it as a gag gift, and didn't want the kids finding it and asking questions/getting ideas/needing therapy .

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Default  Posted: 2:32 PM, July 18th (Thursday)

My oldest sister used to always buy me cat themed clothes that were two sizes too small. Not sure why she would think I like wearing a tiny shirt that says "purr-fect" when I usually just wore black tees, but I tried not to read anything more into and just stashed them away. Over the years I have taken to passing on the unworn clothes to her now 11 year old daughter as she grew into them.

My SO gave me a dust buster for Valentines. He was serious. We agreed not to go over board on gifts, but just a card would have been preferable. Luckily his card was sweet.

He is terrible at gifts though. He put a lot of thought into a b-day gift for his sister, went back and forth, even came to me for advise. What he went with, a postal scale.

First x-mas with SO he had one foot in a cast. Among other things I gave him 1 slipper.

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Default  Posted: 2:38 PM, July 18th (Thursday)

I had a mentally unstable relative who would wrap her old costume jewlery and give it as gifts, even to the males in the family.

My H's family is the worst at gift giving and his Dad takes the prize for being worlds biggest regifter, and cheapskate. Things he has given us all things he rec'd free from work (he worked for a motivational rewards company and got many samples of the "cooler" items)
1. A TV/FlashLight/Radio thing.
2. A Miniture popcorn cart maker thing that makes about 1 cup of popcorn popped at a time.
3. A garden gnome that appears to be dry humping a crystal ball that plugs in and goes through all the colors of the rainbow.
4. Coasters, that have whatever company logo he was working with at the time on them.
5. Used books, cd's and movies that he gets free from the library when they clear out old stock.

My kids are always asking me why Gpa R can't get real presents. I tell them I don't know, he just seems to think that you would appreciate an old book that is written on a kg level about bugs (yes he gave my 14 year old daughter this for her Bday).

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The first Christmas after my S, XMIL who I was still on polite terms with back then gave me a pair of pink leopard print pajamas.

Not my taste at all....

Oh yes and they were XXXL ( I am a medium at best).... In fact they were so big my kids out them onto together (one leg / arm each)... And I took a photo of them. In fact if I of been blessed with 4 kids I could have got them all into the outfit at once!!!!

I dont see her or speak to her anymore after her lies to the court during our custody hearing...
Maybe that terrible Christmas present was reflection of her dislike of me!!!!!

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My aunt (the one that is infamous for leaving the plastic on her furniture - the plastic they come from the store in) gave X and me a fancy personalized wall clock with a romantic poem and our names - and the wrong wedding date.

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