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User Topic: WS said, "say hi to your dad from me"
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Default  Posted: 8:13 PM, July 21st (Sunday)

I swear this man (WS) is crazy!! He's in another country, "working" but with is OW, trying to blame me for the A...and he has the nerve to text me and tell me to say hello to my father when I go visit my family. Does he really think we're just sweeping this under the rug? What's wrong with this man? Is this common? He wants to live a double life. Does he think I'm a weak fool? I have to get out of this.
Thanks for listening.

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Default  Posted: 8:43 PM, July 21st (Sunday)

Respond: My Dad said you should come say hello in person so he can kick your ass to the curb.

Hugs to you tennispro.


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Default  Posted: 9:23 PM, July 21st (Sunday)

WOW great response!

Something similar happened when my XWH said he was going to call my parents and tell them stupid stuff about me. I told him YEAH! You go right ahead and go and knock on my father's door and tell him to his face what you have done to our family!

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Default  Posted: 9:39 PM, July 21st (Sunday)

It's madness, isn't it? My STBX is the same, he waved at my dad as he drove past the other day. My dad detests him for all he's done to my and our family.

STBX also ran into my parents briefly in the street and said quite breezily 'hi, how are you?!'. My dad just kept walking and my mum just sneered lol.

The arrogance!

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Default  Posted: 7:04 AM, July 22nd (Monday)

Respond: My Dad said you should come say hello in person so he can kick your ass to the curb.

I would drop the "to the curb."

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I do think the general cluelessness is pretty common. My marriage ended in a catastrophically damaging way, and Mr. Trac-Fone still will mildly ask me to send his regards to various family members if any come up in conversation (like when I'm in the position of declining a rare visit with our son with something like, "No, we're going to be at my sister's").

I suppose that some of my nieces and nephews don't know all of the details of the end of our marriage, and might not find it completely bizarre to get a, "Uncle Trac-Fone says hi." But I think even they might find it odd that I would be the one delivering the message.

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Revenge  Posted: 9:23 AM, July 22nd (Monday)

It is compartmentalizing to the finest.

He is with OW but can still be a good guy and wish your Dad well.

EGO + JUSTIFICATION for his actions = BS Affair.

I would reply my Dad isn't interested in hearing from the person to promise to love and cherish me but is incapable of doing either.

Good luck. Keep moving.


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