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User Topic: dipped my toe into the old pool Omg!
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Posted on Our Time which is specifically for the over 50. I foolishly thought that this would weed out the creepy people looking to "date" in an age range way below their own. Nope..Being 53 all the 60-70 year olds are chomping at the bit!

Many of the ones in their 50's are recently separated, looking for a casual relationship, are photo-less or even worse look like they have not showered in days!

Why do so many submit photos with 3 days worth of stubble?
I know it worked for Brad Pitt but that was 15 years ago and you are not Brad Pitt!

Looking clean and having a moniker that does not include the number 69 is not a lot to ask!

I am ranting from a woman's point of view. I am 100% sure that men out there see their share of bending and stretching of reality.

Wow. If I was not ranting so much I would say that I am speechless!

There is life on the other side of hell.

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Yuck. I have yet to read a single post here in NB about OLD which would entice me to consider it.

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Being 53 all the 60-70 year olds are chomping at the bit!

Nahh......they probably don't do as much chomping and soaking! (sorry...I couldn't resist!)

UGH....Yeah....I had a guy that was about 12 years older than me email me the other night and there is just ZERO attraction for me...he reminds me of one of my dad's friends....YUCK... and he wrote out this long email and opened it with the following joke:


Brad had a blind date with Ashley for the prom and, as the evening progressed, he found himself attracted to her more and more.

After some really passionate embracing, he said, "Tell me, do you object to making love?"

"That's something I have never done before," Ashley replied.

"Never made love? You mean you are a virgin?" Brad was amazed.

"No, silly!" she giggled. "I've never objected!"


Then he continued on with:

If you are looking for one night stands, please pass me by. I am not into that. If you just want to use me, please pass me by.

This guy has been profile stalking me for about a month now and sent me several emails but after the book he wrote last night I finally wrote him back and told him that I was sorry but didn't think we were a good match and wished him luck on his search......

Hope he gets the hint. He doesn't have caterpillar eyebrows but he has a mustache that looks like it might jump off his face and take off sprinting at any moment......YEESH....

Why do so many submit photos with 3 days worth of stubble?
I know it worked for Brad Pitt but that was 15 years ago and you are not Brad Pitt!

They think they do though.... I truly believe that a lot of these people do not have friends and family that love them that will be brutally honest with them....IMO

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Shelly...are you on Match? Block him!!

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