User Topic: Mrs. N. Mailer on Inf -- came to it via S.i. on HuffPost
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This is an older piece of writing (came out ca. Sandra Bullock & Elin Nordegren's painful crises).

I used to run into Norris Church when I was a teen, due to my job, and she was a really decent person. I'd say "a class act" but that sounds crass...but she was a person who treated others like she'd want to be treated. DS's interview on HuffPost somehow led me to this interview...ironic that the title included surviving infidelity. (I use past tense because she passed away due to cancer.) I thought it might resonate, particularly the analogy she used in describing the BS experience.

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Thank you for that!

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Thanks for sharing

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Thanks I enjoy reading that she is target on several points.

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