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User Topic: Covered in paint and loving it!!!
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Default  Posted: 10:42 AM, July 25th (Thursday)

So one of the things on my to do list before the kids birthday party was to paint all of the cupboard doors and drawers in the kitchen.

Yesterday wh and I tried to take the doors off but the hinges have all been painted over and the screws wouldn't budge. Ugh!

So we sanded the doors and front of tue drawers and today I have
been painting. I am covered

Of course trying to do this with:

A. Two kids who just won't listen to a darn word I say.....and...

B. three curious young cats

Has been HELL!!!!! But the satisfaction I have of having over half the kitchen now done makes it worth it. (the upper cupboards I shall need help with as I don't have a step ladder to reach up to the cupboards at the ten foot ceilings and even on my step stool.....we all know what wh is doing tonight ).

So, anyone else LOVE to paint? I also love plastering and dry walling and all that stuff too. Any sort of renovation.

Note: when the other tenants moved out they left a mess (don't get me started). A relative of my landlord has been repainting and fixing up the place before the new tenants move in. They bought paint and when I said we wanted to paint the kitchen went out and got more for us. It's great!

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Default  Posted: 2:27 PM, July 25th (Thursday)

I need to learn self control!

Thought the downstairs bathroom door could use a coat...led to doing the whole bathroom, around the door and laundry room...ugh!

Owell. Looks nice and bright

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Default  Posted: 2:33 PM, July 25th (Thursday)

I love to paint too

every wall in this house has been painted at least once and most several times.

I like to experiment with color (explains the purple bathroom and orange bedroom ) . it's an inexpensive way to change the whole look of a room.

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Default  Posted: 2:34 PM, July 25th (Thursday)

That sounds exactly like something I'd do!

Ahhhhhhhh... love me some fresh paint!!


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Default  Posted: 4:22 PM, July 25th (Thursday)

Wh came home.
Looked at what I had painted.

Then said...

"you didn't do the doorways too?"

Not sure if he's being funny r serious...

I would LOVE to go crazy with colour but the landlord requested we stick to the neutral colors already there....

My house...will have a purple theme hahaha

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Default  Posted: 5:53 PM, July 25th (Thursday)

Public service announcement:

Lock up cats when painting...(in a way they cannot escape...).

Oden, black and white cat is a bit more white. Not much. Just a thin stripe horizontally across his back. Had he gotten it the other way he'd look like a skunk :)

So, ummmm how do you get paint off a cat???

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Default  Posted: 5:56 PM, July 25th (Thursday)

So, ummmm how do you get paint off a cat???
Very. Carefully.

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