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User Topic: Giving up on Casual Vacancy...
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Default  Posted: 11:11 PM, July 25th (Thursday)

I just can't finish this book. I've made it past the 300 page mark and it is painful.

What was Rowling thinking?

Good news--just got McEwan's Sweet Tooth and it is yummy! I love everything the man writes. He is so varied and deep.

Has anyone read The Cuckoo's Calling? If it is as bad as Casual Vacancy I'll just skip it.

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Default  Posted: 6:45 AM, July 26th (Friday)

Same here with "The Casual Vacancy". I couldn't determine if it was the book, or the fact that I was such a huge Potter fan and just wanted more Potter from her. Probably both if I am honest. I tried to give it a fair shake but I just couldn't get through it.
My sister just bought "The Cuckoos Calling" but she hasn't read it yet I don't think. All she said to me was "I'm really hoping this is better than the last one" .

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Default  Posted: 8:08 AM, July 26th (Friday)

Keep skipping over "Casual Vacancy" at the library. Not sure why. But now I know why and will continue skipping it.

I just read "Sweet Tooth," too and loved it. Isn't McEwan the best? I found it very different than some of his others, but just as good. I think "Saturday" was my favorite of his.

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Default  Posted: 10:24 AM, July 26th (Friday)

Loved Saturday.

My favourites are Solar and Amsterdam.

My college roommate and I have long discussions about his books everytime we talk.

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Re-married 2014--on what would have been our 35th anniversary

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Default  Posted: 7:44 PM, July 26th (Friday)

I just finished Casual Vacancy!

I took getting past the 1/2 way mark to really get me interested. But, I will say the book really picked up and I liked it! All the plot lines come together...

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Default  Posted: 10:59 PM, July 26th (Friday)

I just finished The Cuckoo's Calling. I liked it. It's set in London and I lived there for a year so I enjoyed the trip down memory lane too.

I haven't read Casual Vacancy so I can't compare.

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Default  Posted: 3:15 PM, July 27th (Saturday)

Casual Vacancy was OK; I did finish it. However, if I had read it first, I might never have picked up the Harry Potter books.

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