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So, one of the nice things about my separation is moving to a new community and meeting new folks. I moved to a very small town. Very picturesque new England. Kids ride their bikes down the sidewalk. Neighbors greet each other with hellos....but now I am about an hour from my office and I don't really want to work there anymore. I just found a job at a private day school about a mile from home. And my kids could go there for free if I work there! I so want this job! Crossed fingers, here's hoping!

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fingers are crossed!

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Fingers crossed for you and I am hoping to hear on 2 jobs this week so maybe we can send job mojo to each other

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***job mojo***

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Get that job!!!!!

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Sending all the mojo I can muster! All the best!

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Thanks for the wishes and job mojo to you too IrishLass!

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Two Kids: 4 and 6
D-Day #1: 7/12, D-Day #2: 4/24/13
Affair: EA to PA with coworker
Status of A: Says he broke it off after I went to her house and confronted both of them

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Sending mojo to you, and IrishLass.

Good luck. And free tuition? Man, how can you beat that??

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I hope you get this job. Crossing my fingers with the rest of the SI folks.

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Good luck

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So sending you good mojo!

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Fingers crossed. Good luck.

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Funny story... I got a call from my friend in another state (the state I left for WH relocation - why???). Anyways, she left me a message saying she got a ft job and that she had a feeling that I am next. Well, sh*t... Guess who got a FT job offer today?? ME!! You're next meplustwo!!

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Good luck!

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prayers to both you and ILass...
hope you land them jobs, also send me some since I got 2 lined up but no word yet... :(

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Wishing you, and Irishlass, good luck! May those jobs be yours.

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Sounds perfect! Best of luck!

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Good luck!

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