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User Topic: I Birthed a Wing Man?
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What?  Posted: 9:36 AM, August 1st (Thursday)

Just to start, I'm not actually upset about this, but still...

My ex found some old photos including one of him holding our son just a couple hours post-birth. Really a wonderful pic of both of them!

He posted it on fb and proceeded to get a slew of comments from current gfs about how sexy is a good-looking man with a cute baby!

Then our son -- the one from the pic who's now almost 26 -- commented that he probably wouldn't make as good a Wingman for ex now as he did then.

I so desperately wanted to jump into the thread, point out who actually did the work of producing that baby and mention that I did not give birth to him just so he could be my husband's Wingman to pick up other women!

I'm mean... really!?

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Default  Posted: 12:53 PM, August 1st (Thursday)

Step away from the stupid, sweetie.

You can call me NIK

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Default  Posted: 12:54 PM, August 1st (Thursday)

LOVE your son!

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Default  Posted: 4:08 PM, August 1st (Thursday)

Funniest thread title ever!

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Default  Posted: 11:39 AM, August 2nd (Friday)

Celebrate that your son has integrity. And then celebrate that your life has one less person without integrity in it.



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Default  Posted: 1:12 PM, August 2nd (Friday)

Ok ok it's funny but..... you've been around long enough to know... we're going to say this...

Stop checking x's FB. It's no good for you.

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Default  Posted: 11:32 AM, August 3rd (Saturday)

Ok - maybe I'm just reading it wrong, but I took what your DS said to be a positive thing.

I read it as DS kind of disapproving of being used that way.

I know you said you aren't upset, but.... I'm just saying, I think your DS's comment was good... sarcasm often doesn't come across as well when it's written, but I would have taken that as a sarcastic comment from your DS. Read it that way and see how it sounds....

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