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Frustrated  Posted: 11:54 PM, August 1st (Thursday)

I was looking through some paperwork today and found a receipt for a necklace that my H bought me. I love the necklace, but never really thought about when he gave it to me. Well, according to the receipt, he bought it for me for the anniversary we celebrated in the middle of his A. Our daughter always remarks about the necklace when I wear it because she went with "Daddy" to help pick it out for me. She always tells this story so fondly and sweetly.
Don't I have a different spin on this lovely tale now? So my lying, cheating husband took our sweet daughter shopping to buy me an anniversary gift. Perhaps he couldn't figure out what I liked. Or perhaps he needed to justify buying me a gift by involving our daughter.
At any rate, it is just a horrible reminder of the depraved individual that he is. I can't even try to rationalize or explain his behavior anymore. What kind of sick fuck is he? I don't really believe that he is NOT that person. i really believe that whatever mindset it took to do all of this is still in there. And maybe he never will cheat again, but isn't this a true measure of a man?

Ok. I feel better. But damn, I did love that necklace.

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Default  Posted: 12:12 AM, August 2nd (Friday)

Save it and give it back to your daughter at a later time when it won't trigger you. FWS bought me some really nice jewelry for my birthday just two months before the affair started. I haven't worn it since d-day. Don't know if I ever will again.

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Default  Posted: 12:14 AM, August 2nd (Friday)

My husband gave me a beautiful ring, which now belongs to my DD. I couldn't look at it without thinking of how he was hurting me when he bought it. It doesn't even matter that he is remorseful and doing just about all he can to R...((dab))

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Default  Posted: 12:28 AM, August 2nd (Friday)

My husband bought me a diamond heart necklace when I was pregnant with my youngest daughter because he thought I was sad. Now I know it was because he was screwing whores and felt guilty.

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Ugh I am so sorry (((dab110))). Mine was a Valentine's gift during their A. I thought it was strange because he rarely bought me jewelry. I will never wear it again. My WH knows this too.

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