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Default  Posted: 7:03 AM, August 7th (Wednesday)

I keep seeing this, what is it?

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Default  Posted: 7:12 AM, August 7th (Wednesday)

VAR- is a Voice Activated Recorder.

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So I get one of those for the car, where do I put it? I wish there was a version that I could get him to carry around with him!

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You hide it where he won't see it. Duct tape it to the bottom of the drivers seat, or in some cars there is a space where the bottom of the front console meets the floor board where there is a space. Make sure it's secured so that it doesn't come flying out of it's spot if and when he slams on his brakes.

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Default  Posted: 8:10 AM, August 7th (Wednesday)

I don't know if I'm ok doing it. I want to, I want to put spyware on his phone and a VAR in his car, but I feel guilty, even after all he's done :(

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3 1/2 years ago I put a VAR in my WXH's car in the net pocket on the back of his seat... and this is why we divorced... I caught him red handed with her. I am a big fan of VAR's

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