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Default  Posted: 1:05 AM, August 9th (Friday)

Online dating:

Guy sounds nice until..."where do your kids go to school?"

UM...really? Do you really think I'm that STUPID to tell you where my kids go to school and I don't know you or have even met you?



Seriously, why do I even bother anymore?

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I think you should tell him one is at the Naval Academy and one is at Berkley.

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So creepy. Almost makes flaccid selfie guy seem like catch.

I may have reached a point where I'd piss on him if he was on fire.... eventually!!

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Why would he even think that is an appropriate question?

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Default  Posted: 5:54 AM, August 9th (Friday)

Most likely he was just making conversation. It is doubtful he was trying to stalk your kids.

I would have either just told him (school zones are rather well populated and schools themselves relatively secure) or been very generic "Oh the local middle school" and redirected the conversation.

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I would not have taken this as a blaring red flag unless there were other creeper vibes.

Does this guy have kids himself? If so, it could of been more of a lead-in question on getting feedback on how a certain school district is (ie violence, drugs, etc).

I actually had someone ask me this. He had a DD but she was graduating. However, he was HUGE into HS wrestling and thought I might be in the school zone that was their biggest rival and competition (I am ). So that was why he was asking.

If he is giving you creeper vibes - then definitely block him. However, if he doesn't, then I would of been more inclined to just say I was not comfortable giving the info and find out why he was asking.

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Default  Posted: 9:11 AM, August 9th (Friday)

Most likely he was just making conversation. It is doubtful he was trying to stalk your kids.


Not everybody thinks they might come across as a pedophile or serial killer when they are having conversation.

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Default  Posted: 9:24 AM, August 9th (Friday)

That's a question I would have asked. I'm not a stalker or pedophile. Good thing I am not OLD.

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Default  Posted: 10:16 AM, August 9th (Friday)

I would have just told him I'm not real comfortable with answering that. Like others here, I think perhaps he was just making conversation.

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The thing is most pedophiles don't go around with a sign saying, "I'm a pedophile - beware!"

They tend to be very pleasant people who ingratiate themselves with the family to get at their prey. My SO is retired LEO and he would say it's best not to trust anyone you "meet" on the internet - especially with information about your children.


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My gut reaction was he doesn't have kids and he's a creep. So I go with my gut. HOWEVER, then I thought maybe I'm over-reacting because his profile states he's a teacher and well I guess I might be "normal" to ask what school my kids go to since he's a teacher.

I was going to respond with "I don't feel comfortable answering that just yet.", but as I said my gut told me otherwise and I decided to block and disable my profile for a while. It just didn't sit with me right.

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Hard to tell what his intentions were...especially since he is a teacher. But, if your gut says something is it!

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