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I am feeling awed by my fWH's capacity for growth. He suppressed and denied his horrible childhood for 44 years. Whenever it leaked out of containment, he was paralyzed with pain and fear. Yet, since d-day he has systematically faced the abuse, waded through the muck of it, and addressed the damage it caused inside him.

He is consistently owning what he did, examining the ugliness in his past, and changing his thought patterns. Basically, he is growing up again--the healthy way this time.

Tomorrow, fWH will get up at the crack of dawn and go to his 50th IC session. After d-day, I honestly thought I'd never admire this man again. I was wrong .

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My husband also has a past that needs to be dealt with.

Thank you for this beautiful message of hope. I pray my husband finds the same path to recovery.

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It's amazing what can happen when you tear down those walls

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That is so wonderful to hear. I'm really happy for you both!

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Recon posters , you are making my day!

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Thanks for that awesome message of hope!

Glad it is working out so well for you both. Congratulations!

I hope it's contagious!

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That is so great!

I feel the same way about my H today.


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this is exactly what I needed to see today. Thank you!!!

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