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Default  Posted: 2:00 PM, August 14th (Wednesday)

I've kept up my friendship with ex-shat's step mom. I'm the daughter she never had and she has been able to keep up a relationship with Teslet. Haven't seen ex-shat's dad since last Sept...possibly even August. Ex-shat started lying about me to his dad and his dad was buying it. Teslet and I are going to meet ex-shat's stepmom today for a late lunch...she just texted and said his dad is coming too. I'm nervous and not sure about this.
Just going to keep the focus on Teslet the whole time until I can gauge what is going on with ex-shat's dad.
Mojo please.

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You have been mojoed!

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Mojo your way but you don't need it. Ex-shat's pop wouldn't invite himself along if he wasn't beginning to see the truth of the situation.

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mojo mojo mojo

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Sending lots of mojo!

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i hope it goes well!

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Sending mojo

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Sending mojo!

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Thanks everyone! It went well. I could tell he was as apprehensive as I was. But we always got along so well so it wasn't too hard to find lots of safe ground to talk about.

I also think he realizes the only way he is going to consistently see his grandson is through me.

The things that ex-shat was saying about me to his dad were so incredibly hurtful. It hurt that his dad believed them...I know he wanted to hang on to his son (they've had a very rocky relationship over the years.) But I guess it just goes to show that blaming the ex-wife for ALL your woes and problems doesn't work forever with reasonable people.

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I'm seeing this late, and so glad it went well!

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too late for mojo, but I see it went swimmingly. Happy it didn't give you hives!

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I'm so glad it went well, Tes

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