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Default  Posted: 8:43 PM, August 14th (Wednesday)

Because this is how we ruin F&G:

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I think Waywardson killed one of those the other day...

It MUST have been a Clownspider because it was like watching clowns come out of a VW when he smacked it!!

So, I'm, you know, being as cool as I possibly could, under the circumstances, and he kept saying, "I NEED you to STOP FREAKING OUT!" Geez... insensitive much??

OK. Thanks for the spider trigger!!

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I usually don't think spiders are cute( I kill them onsight because I'm allergic to their bites) but that one is actually kinda cute.

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Its ass looks like a banana.

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Just because

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I HATE spiders, but these two have cute eyes

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In the immortal words of Tardar Sauce...


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Clowns don't freak me out. The shoes. That's another story...that picture I posted with the spider wearing those shoes admittedly makes me cringe

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