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my fWH started his EA, and eventually PA, with the MOW. So far today my fWH has sent me over 50 text messages saying how much he loves me, misses me when we are not together, can't imagine life without me, etc... Tonight after my IC session, he is going to give me a massage and make an attempt at a mani/pedi (it's the thought that counts ). Now I only have about a couple of dozen more trigger dates to get through.

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Awesome! I think it's great you can look back over the past year and see so much progress. At one year out I felt like celebrating just the fact that I survived it period! I think it's one of my greatest accomplishments.
Wishing you strength as you deal with the triggers that are bound to come up, sounds like you really have a grip on coping, good for you!
Enjoy that mani/pedi, how sweet, (you can fix it later!)
Take care and enjoy your day!

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The love, support, and connection between you both shines through this post.

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That's great!

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The massage was great! Then mani/pedi...not so much.

"If you're brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello." - Paulo Coehlo

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LMAO Mack because yesterday I got a mani/pedi but not the massage!!!

Thank you for your post. I am less then a month away from our 1 year anniversary of Dday and I have been having some strange feelings about how I may react. We even had a talk about it the other night. H acknowledged that he feels I have been triggering a bit more and he drew me close, kissed me on the forehead, smiled and looked into my eyes and said....." I know how hard this has been on you and I know that the next month will be a mixture of sad and happy feelings for both of us. We are stronger, we will get through this and you have made me the happiest man alive by climbing the mountain of pain I put in front of you. I love you"

It is the smallest things that count so damn much isn't it????


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