User Topic: Found out from 5 yr old daugher that ex had girl spend the night
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I do not want this man back. He is a horrible, horrible man. But why does it hurt to know he is moving on the point of having a woman spend the night. I moved out 2 months ago. The relationship was over in March but it took many months to get my apartment ready. I hate him for still making me feel miserable. When will his end?

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I know it really sucks. One day you'll be able to see their "relationship" for what it is, just two messed up people being messed up together. In the meantime, you will have moved on to something/someone far healthier.


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How awful. I'm sorry that you and your children are having to deal with this.

What an idiot to think your children are ready for him to have women sleeping over - and during his parenting time! Ugh. He's a douche.

Take care and continue being the stable parent that you are.


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I hear you. I don't give a shit what he mess he makes of his own life but I was gutted when the 40 y/o lower muppet thought it was the right thing to do to introduce his 24 office gopher/OWUmpteen to my then 2 and almost 5 year olds as his GF 20 weeks after S.

According to him he is fixed - the proof being he is capable of being in a relationship. Nevermind he was in this and several during the M. Minor detail.

Please read: "She's Special" (2nd article down):

And Romantic Infidelity"

They both gave me huge lightbulb moments.

That's the kind of fucked up thinking we're all dealing with.

It won't always hurt this bad. I promise you. I still hate it that his whore self and his whore steal precious time for me in a desperate attempt to validate their 'relationship'.

What he did to me I can deal with - what he did and continues to do to them I still struggle with but it is nothing like those first few months.

But the sooner you accept that he is a selfish, cowardly, pathetic POS with no regard for how his actions impact these precious children the sooner you will be able to start focussing on what you can do to help your kids navigate through the quagmire that is their fathers life.

I'm so sorry honey. I was a hot mess through this phase. I hit rock bottom but it was painful but necessary and perhaps essential step in my healing.

((gek9742000)) They are truly soulless.

I may have reached a point where I'd piss on him if he was on fire.... eventually!!

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I do not want this man back. He is a horrible, horrible man. But why does it hurt to know he is moving on the point of having a woman spend the night.

I just bumped a thread in Wayward that may explain some of your feelings in this regard: What's rejection? by uncertainone.

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