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Default  Posted: 9:59 PM, August 19th (Monday)

Does anyone else do this, or is it just me?

It started back when I was engaged in college to my fiance. I don't communicate well when I am angry/frustrated- I tend to get vindictive, call names, yell, etc... In order to help prevent that, I would practice what I planned on saying and addressing the topic while I was in the car, etc...

It gets worse. I have gotten to the point now where I will "say" outloud whatever I am feeling in the car on the way to work as soon as I drop off my daughter. I sometimes don't even mean to. Some of the stuff is preparing what I plan on bringing up that evening. Some of it is venting out loud.

Anyone with me? Is this completely unhealthy?

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Default  Posted: 3:58 AM, August 20th (Tuesday)

I don't know if it's healthy r not, but I do the same thing. Driving alone is the worst, I talk, sometime these moans come out.

At work I keep saying, "what am I doing?" and then I reply to myself, "stop saying that".

Thankfully, my co-workers are great people and my boss has actually been through this with his wife. So he doesn't think I am totally crazy.

It is embarrassing though.

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Of course I talk to myself. Im the only one who understands me.

(I think it's normal. I *hope* it is...anyway... )

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Default  Posted: 7:50 AM, August 20th (Tuesday)

Oh, Oh. I've always talked to myself. This isn't normal?
And yes, I too am the only one who understands me.....I need this.

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Default  Posted: 7:56 AM, August 20th (Tuesday)

I talk out loud in the car constantly. I am a very entertaining guest.

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Default  Posted: 7:57 AM, August 20th (Tuesday)

actually, studies have shown its a sign of intelligence...

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Default  Posted: 11:19 AM, August 20th (Tuesday)

I talk to myself all the time. Sometimes it's just venting, sometimes it's rehearsing difficult conversations, such as the big D-Day conversation (rehearsing did help a lot!). Saying things out loud helps me process things.

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I've always talked to myself - now the chats tend to be a lot longer - though it's nice to know it's a sign of intelligence.

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Default  Posted: 2:21 PM, August 21st (Wednesday)

I don't really talk outloud to myself but I shake my head, roll my eyes, smile based on the conversation I'm having with myself in my head. I don't realize I'm doing son points it out. It's really bad in the car. I bet I look insane at redlights.

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It's really embarrassing when I'm in a full roll and then realize I am at a stop light and other people are around. This is where pretending to be on the phone comes in handy.

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