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My WS's birthday is in about two weeks, and I've been struggling about what to get him. Presents are hard since he sold the last present I gave him because OW wanted him to... Anyway, I finally came up with an idea today, but I'm worried that he will either love it or completely hate it. I can't post the idea on here because he reads my posts, and I want it to be a surprise. I don't know too many people on here yet, but I was wondering if I could PM someone to get your opinion on it. Thanks!

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Not certain how helpful I was with the whole birthday/FB status dilemma, but I'm here if you need a sounding board.

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I could listen as well.

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Go ahead and PM me. Don't know if I can help but who knows. Maybe we can help each other. I too am wondering about anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas etc.

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