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Apparently he is keeping up with her school schedule from overseas because he knew she started school already. My thought was “wow, he is finally making an effort on his own…”. He asked her how her summer was and what classes she was taking. She responded that her summer was busy with school work and she did not have any time because she had a softball tournament coming up and told him what her classes were. But she was as cool as a cucumber. Kinda like “Yeah, I am a badass..what up? I don’t have time for your BS.” I know I am reading a lot into this, but she is my DD and I know her very well.

I do have to give him a C for effort. I gave him a pretty hard smack down a couple of months ago when he suggested that she go visit him while he lives with Awhore, who she hates. I told him that no way was she visiting that bitch and he should know better than to ask. Plus DD has given him the very cold shoulder since she found out he moved overseas with Awhore. I would give him an A for effort if he came back at least once a month for the cold shoulder from her, but he only emails her every few months, so I give him a C in “Attempting to cultivate a relationship with my child who hates me”. But I have him a solid F in “Supporting my child in all her needs, including emotional, mental, and financial”. Hell, I give him a triple F in that!

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Well my first thought was of the posts where the WS says just enough to give a BS that little sliver of hope and keep BS hanging on.

But for DD's sake I hope he hangs in there and continues trying.

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I give your DD an A+++++ for how well she has handled all this.

I keep thinking my kids are going to have to grow up so much faster and stronger than they normally would have to so that they can deal with all this crap effectively. It's unfair to them, but I think we are doing are best to help them deal with it.

Big hugs to you guys..

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But she was as cool as a cucumber. Kinda like “Yeah, I am a badass..what up? I don't have time for your BS.” I know I am reading a lot into this, but she is my DD and I know her very well
Good for her ! She didn't fall for his pretty words.

WTH does a parent expect from their kids after crushing their worlds and abandoning them for an OP ? Yeah, the kid is going have opinions and attitudes.
Hugs to you both,

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