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User Topic: Cats again, advice about a feral
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Okay, I would surely be that crazy cat lady if I was allowed... I have one cat, an indoor. For many reasons, her health, I cannot adopt another at this time. She hasn't been vaccinated for years due to developing a sarcoma from a vaccine years ago. My vet is fine with this. She also is probably an active carrier of the virus that causes FIP, and I won't bring another cat in to die of that awful disease.
There is a young black cat who seems to have made our yard her(?) home. We are feeding her, giving her fresh water, talking to her. The plan is to trap, neuter and release asap. She is very unapproachable, although I did manage to get her to take food from me today. My guess is that she is About 8 mos old.
We can give her a shelter for the winter. But is there any chance she'll ever be friendly enough to pet?

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Grew up in the country, always had a few feral every year. I did take one in particular when seh was tiny, barely big enough to be away from mom, took her to my room, gave her a litter box, and food and water, and a good hiding spot, slowly over the next two weeks she came around, I spent a lot of time being quiet, and waiting. My MIL actually ended up adpoting her. She was a great cat, very sweet, and was a great hunter. She was healthy and lived to be about 14.

I have tried, not to that extent with others, but without so much luck. I think the trick is bringing them in when they are still pretty young.
The one I have now was a dump off, found in the woods by the local no kill shelter, and she is one mean fiesty cat. She is sweet, but for very short periods. Not sure if that's just her, or if they were truly feral.

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I've found cats get more docile when they are under the weather, and getting them fixed can be like a partial lobotomy.

No harm in trying. She is still pretty young.

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