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It is a temp to perm position on the afternoon shift. I will be a supervisor again. There is another job interview for me on Monday for a perm job but the pay is lower. The scary part for me is driving 35 minutes to this job. I know, I know lots of people drive much longer, its just me.
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congrats! What if you get both, which will you be most happy at?

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My brother had to make a choice like that...a permanent, lower paying position or a temp, higher paying position with the change of it becoming permanent. It's not easy.

It's good though you have choices! congrats and I know you'll work it out for the best.

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I don't think I can even go to the interview for the other job because I will be starting this one ASAP. The only thing is the travel but I will get over that .
Happy to be working again.

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