User Topic: Sorry won't ever fix it
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Default  Posted: 6:33 AM, August 26th (Monday)

Saw this today and felt like it perfectly sums up why sorry just isn't enough in infidelity:

"Anyone perfect must be lying; anything easy has its cost. Anyone plain can be lovely; anyone loved can be lost." Barenaked Ladies

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This is perfect!

In my opinion when they say "for what it's worth" before the sorry just demeans it even more.

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I understand this perfectly. Sorry, remorse or being absolutely perfect H after an EA is not enough for me.
It can not be fixed - ever. Scars remain. So no thanks, I have difficulty even trying to fix something I didnt break.

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Default  Posted: 7:54 AM, August 26th (Monday)

I saw this on facebook a few weeks ago and showed it to H as it expressed my feelings on the matter exactly.

He paused for a minute looking sad and said "that's so true, I get what you're saying - but isn't it my job to get the superglue and try to mend it as best I can?"

I was pretty touched by that but also saddened that we have to mend the broken plate in the first place.

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olwen, your WS has the right idea. I posted this because many WS (mine included ) reach for the "sorry card" and think that will make it better.

Once you have shattered someone's heart and trust into a million pieces, sorry doesn't mean a thing without that GLUE.

"Anyone perfect must be lying; anything easy has its cost. Anyone plain can be lovely; anyone loved can be lost." Barenaked Ladies

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This was probably silly, but it really came from my heart. I told my H to never, ever, apologize again. Ever. The word sorry, means nothing, and he seemed to be so free afterward. It makes me violent.

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I feel the same way and my WH has said it a million different ways. I know that must be frustrating for him too.

I always thought I hated the vase idea because I didn't want there to be cracks

So I am trying to look at this like a bone that breaks. When it grows back, it grows back even stronger.

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I love this quote!

Olwen, it sounds like your H really gets it!

It is really frustrating to hear "sorry" all the time but not have him really get it.

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