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ts the people and the places, these are the things that make it hurt so much!

Seeing women who I know he would go ga-ga for. Seeing the race he has an obsession with. Told me his new GF is (race/ethnicity) sexy, smart and great in bed. He also loves women who are short and busty. Women who dress fashionable etc

I can't walk into a place without me "seeing" him in it. We were all over this city when together. Later on when we would disappear for weeks, I would hear stories about how the places he went and with who. I can't escape the memories, I can't escape the hurt!

This guy destroyed me. I don't know what else to say. I don't know where to go. I want to hide from all these memories and its like I cant.

Oh, and he moved to another state to escape me and DD. To start new

Wants nothing to do with our daughter
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The thoughts and mind movies are so hard to deal with. But over time they will lesson. You will get through this.

Oh, and he moved to another state to escape me and DD. To start new

May not seem like it but it sounds like he did you the ultimate favor.

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