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I got a .45 raise at work! After being there 2 years I have gotten a dollar raise in all. That must mean I am doing a good job? Things are looking on the up and up.
My other check should be here by pay day so I will have a huge bank account! I guess Saturday I'll be doing a lot of shopping and getting my hair cut so when I get back to work on tuesday I'll be looking different! I am also going to get some new work uniforms. They are way to big at the moment. Yesterday I was wearing my smallest uniform. it was still to big!
In the last month things have really turned around into positive things. My guy friend and I decided to start dating each other. My co-workers kind of helped on that one. They are always telling me how nice he is, I said I know that hes a really nice nice, he funny, and he is totally in to you. Its obvious that he likes you more than a friend, just try it out for a while if things don't click then go back to being friends. Which he agreed to. The area were he is moving is the area that I am planning on moving to next year so not all hope is lost.

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I got a .45 raise at work!

Wow new uniforms and hair cut on .45. You know where to find the bargains.

Honestly, congratulations on what sounds like a well deserved raise. Enjoy treating yourself and keep up the good work.


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You can call me NIK

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Congratulations, enjoy the pampering. You deserve it.

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Congratulations!!! I'm glad you are getting so much good news lately.

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