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Last night was a very good night for us. We both got home, did some work on the computer, opened wine, talked about each other’s day, and made dinner. We eat dinner on trays unless there’s company over, so we decided to watch So You Think You Can Dance which we TIVO while eating when dinner was done, we cuddled up together to continue to watch it.

And then came a performance by Amy & Robert, about a man who was saying goodbye to a woman that he loved, but who regarded him as a friend. And her realization at the end, that he was more than a friend. All set to the music “Say Something.”

Before I could even think, I was sobbing on FWHs chest. Crying my eyes out. That trigger just came out of nowhere and slammed through my body. Curled up in a ball, ugly crying onto his shirt front.

And he held me, caressed me, told me that it was OK, told me how he could see that would set me off, apologized for being the cause of my pain, and held me some more, while I regained my composure.

Later that night, in bed, he made such tender love to me ….

It was a very good night.

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Those unsuspecting triggers are hard but sounds like he handled it beautifully. glad he was comforting you and expressing his sorrow. It''s in those tender moments, when he is there for you that you know you can make it through this journey.

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