User Topic: Most unhealthy habit since dday?
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Mine would b obsessively looking at her photos on Facebook:( I think for me it helps me realize its real. I wasn't there, I didn't know her in real life. It still seems surreal, like my ethical husband would never do this. So I just stare at her picture every night before bed. I think, what did he c in her?
Very very very unhealthy habit:( also I constantly think of ways to destroy her life. I've replaced reading etc with these habits:(
I know letting it cloud my thoughts makes her win, but I can't stop:(
So confess your unhealthy habits!

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My life is shattered unsure about R

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I was checking his cell phone history 3-5 times a day.

I no longer have access to the online account, so it's not a possibility anymore. Which is both good and bad.

Also, the first week, I spent probably 4-5 hours a day on this website. After the first week I had to take a step back. Now, I check on here once a day or ever so many days.

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Terribly disgusted. He refuses to give up his "friend". Headed towards D.

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Frequentily google last OW name to see if I learn anything new

Googled business where Dh had sex with prostitute. They have a new site so lucky me got to see a picuture of her.

Randomly check Facebook page of my old high school friend

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Hoping for R but doubtful

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My new year resolution was to give up diet coke. Its my vice since high school. I struggled for months and was down to 12 oz a day. Now I'm worse than before, probably 50+ oz today. I turn a deaf ear to the health consequences. There are worse things. But it breaks my heart because I worked so hard to kick the habit. One of many things small and large taken from me.

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I went full on into not great habits after dday - tons of cyber 'checking' (stalking, ok, WBN?! Because that's what it was! LOL!), drank a lot more - XH and I did together. It was a way to numb ourselves while we still lived together. I lost a lot of weight initially, which while I looked great, really wasn't healthy.

Damn myself for saying that out loud because I not only got to a healthy weight, but gained even more back. LOL! If I were TRULY unhappy with that, I'd so something. I'm not glad about how I look, just have other priorities at the moment.

All that said - drinking too much was the most unhealthy thing I kept up on. I will say, I feel I'm much better with it now. It was a crutch for me.

I will also admit I was on SI like super tons - but I don't consider than unhealthy - SI saved me in a lot of ways.

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Well my most unhealthy habit is to each and every day think of what took place between ow and h in her house when they had their 6 week a 9 yrs ago.

You ask why do I think of this each and every day???? Well because I still happen to live 2 houses from the ow and her h. So the memories are ALWAYS there for me which led to a not so healthy environment. Try to R in a situation like mine. Not the easiest thing in the world to do.

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I used to work really hard at trying to be patient with people, because you never know what they are going thru. And now I've just given up, I don't care. I have zero patience for people, their stupidity, and whatever their excuses are for it. And, of course, it has affected the way my kids treat each other.

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"wahtnow" ....yes that is exactly true. I have no tolerance either for stupid things that not only people do but anything stupid that my h now does. I learned that trait very quickly after his a.

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I also no longer care as much for wh when he is sick or about his work :( and ya people piss me off a lot faster!!

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My life is shattered unsure about R

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