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Default  Posted: 4:41 PM, September 7th (Saturday)

Went to the store with DD to get my fWH a birthday card. Last year was easy. It said "Happy Birthday".

We are now 6 months into true R and I couldn't find a card that fit. All of them were too lovey dovey, if you get my meaning. Even though we are doing well I'm just not ready to profess my undying love to him just yet.

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I can relate. WH birthday was last week. They are over the top I love you to the moon and back or generic happy birthday. Too caring and too uncaring- no middle ground.

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When it comes to cards instead of getting a birthday or anniversary card, I look at the other cards, get one that says what I'm feeling or comfortable saying then add the Happy Birthday / anniversary myself

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I agree. I bought two cards for WH's birthday this year, but didn't feel comfortable giving him either. I just explained that there weren't any cards that fit right now.

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I got the most extreme lovey-dovey one I could find & gave it to him. Of course he is not smart enough to know that it was a complete sarcastic joke to me---in fact, it was a statement about what could have been, but is so missing from our marriage.

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