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Wh and I are together for family vacation after a few weeks apart due to work. We had a strained dinner together, and decided to watch a movie. He had "the wedding" worst movie ever post dd. Don't get me wrong was fine, but the affair themes were awful. Husband cheats on wife, lives with mistress in martial home, then has sex with former wife and proposes to mistress, turns out wife had an affair too, isn't this all fun, all is forgiven instantly and they are all happy and friends . Husband marries mistress, and wife is happyp for them. I mentioned something that Wh after it was over and he just grunted in reply..... Couldn't sleep all night.

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Dude The Other Woman with Natalie Portman was a bad one too. I don't know what possessed me to watch it.

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yeah i'm worried about tv this fall as well. Almost every show I love has some kind of cheating in it. :(


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((((andthen)))) Yuck. I'm so sorry. Not the best beginning for a vacation.

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I wouldn't recommend watching Atlas Shrugged. The affair in that movie is portrayed in quite a sympathetic light.

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The Descendants
He's Just Not That Into You
The Dilemma

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Jeez it could have been any movie at anytime for me. Not the movie ... maybe just remembering we went to see this movie together. Or we had a special dinner before the movie, or whatever, there is a laundry list here ...

Or yeah it could be the actual movie triggering me. My trigger movie WAS(YEAH !!! Finally, not an IS anymore) Pearl Harbor with Ben Affleck & Josh Hartnet. Read my bio you can pick the similarities.

I also have movies that trigger good memories that make a weepy puddle of a mess. One I have not reclaimed yet is StepMom with Julia Roberts & Susan Sarandon. The movie itself was a tear jerker, but it brought up all the fear I had when my mom had breast cancer, stage 4 I think. She is ok now, it has been 22 since she was sick. At the time we went to see the movie in Jan. 1999 my mom had been in remission for about 8-10 yrs ...

And the movie was unexpected, I mean I knew the gist of the story, but it still caught me WAY off guard. I was sobbing/hiccuping in the theater through the last of the movie. Xh held me(we had barely started dating) He smoothed my hair, rubbed my back, kissed my forehead, just held me and let me cry.

Later standing in his drive way we had our first real kiss, God I still remember every feeling about that night, what we wore, how he held me, what he said, how much magic he made with his lips.

I have not watched that movie yet. Have not reclaimed that one, like I have Pearl Harbor. Someday, maybe I'll look it up on line today.

Anyway, after my rambling and t/j'ing(again, sorry MODS) point is for me a positive movie can trigger feelings/memories as bad or worse than a negative one.


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I hated the Wedding too and was thoroughly disappointed because it had such a strong cast.

Another one that I now dislike: The Bridges of Madison County. Its weird but when I first saw this movie,I hated the whole affair aspect, but then later on in life, I thought I could see how she could feel so torn. But now, having been cheated on and lied to, I really dislike the movie at the moment. Of course, it is going to be on Broadway now too!

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Any movie but he's not that into got me I know this isn't the topic but hunter Hayes song wanted gets me balling because I feel if he wanted me he wouldn't have cheated on me and he signs me this song

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I actually found "The Descendents" to be helpful. The A is not romanticized, and the main focus is on the destruction left in it's wake.

George Clooney's BS character is a role model for me. He focuses on his kids and family, trying to heal from the betrayal.

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I agree about The Descendants. I thought the affair was portrayed in a way to show how wrong and destructive it was. That said, I could not have watched it close to D-Day.

The Way, Way Back was a good film, too, but when the scene came with the mother's boyfriend kissing another woman, my heart stopped and my blood ran cold. My FWH let out a little groan. We both sat there as if paralyzed, just staring ahead.

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It's Complicated was to me funny but WS didn't like it.

The Women? I think that's the name of it, with Meg Ryan as the BS? Anyway it was during the A that WS had the grand idea to rent this one, we don't rent movies, ever, going to Blockbuster was a ruse to call OW, anyway, you never see the WS in the movie but you see the OW and she is made out to be hot shit in it.

BS ends up divorcing WS in the end so I guess you could say there was a happy ending.

I really trigger hard if there is infidelity in a movie or on TV.

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"Intersection" with Richard Gere
I second "The Other Woman" with Natalie Portman
"Dreamland" with Justin Long

There are a ton of others that don't necessarily portray affairs in a good light, but still triggery: "Match Point", "Closer", "Fatal Attraction", "My Best Friend's Wedding", "What's Eating Gilbert Grape", "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button", "The Horse Whisperer", "Hook", "Heartburn"...

I always wanna say "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" even though it's not about affairs... Probably because Angelina Jolie said that she couldn't wait to get into the bed (scene) with Brad Pitt and that she'd tell her kids one day that this was the movie where mommy and daddy fell in love... While daddy was still married to Jennifer Aniston, that is. It's pretty much like infidelity immortalized for me.

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The Notebook worst movie ever IMO ... It was an A, not a love story. Yet it is still considered one of the best love stories. Fuck that.

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Hollywood does not seem to get how painful affairs are or the damage they do. Many more movies focusing on the participants and their struggles than the victims. An old one that was very real and powerful in showing the damage done by infidelity was SHOOT THE MOON from 1982 with Diane Keaton and Albert Finney. If you can find it, well worth watching for one of the rare times Hollywood really captured the emotions and turmoil of an affair.

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It's a hockey movie, but there is a subplot involving the main character inadvertently getting involved with a girl with a boyfriend. TCD and I figured a foul-mouthed movie about hockey would be safe... It's a shame, because without that subplot, TCD would have really enjoyed it. Though the main character lets the BBF beat the shit out of him because he feels so awful for what he'd done, so there's that...

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Hollywood loves to glamorize affairs. It's like you may find your REAL soul mate despite the fact you're married.

FWW and I have found ourself changing the channel or stopping a movie because its all about an affair. Good or bad we don't wanna see it.

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Nah, it isn't Hollywood anymore than the bodice ripper romances glorify affairs as an industry. It's that some films do, some don't, and it's easier to remember the ones that do because they (rightfully) piss us off.

If you watch the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall, the WS is portrayed as an entitled, selfish, high-maintenance bitch and as the movie goes along you wonder: wtf did this dude ever see in her. It is probably difficult to watch post dday given some of the more graphic scenes, but in the end the betrayed boyfriend moves on in spite of all the shit thrown in his way, tripping over his own stupid mistakes and even gets the greatest scene in a romance film ever: he yells at his cheating ex that his penis hates her so much it wants to hide, as he rushes off after a failed attempt by her to give him a beej.

Nothing ultimately horrible happens to the WS but it doesn't matter because it wasn't her story. It was about the BS moving on with his life and enjoying it.

There are good movies out there that show infidelity and relationships in an appreciable light like that. It's just that the other kind of films are made because they sell. It's not an agenda, it's a product that people buy. Like reading gossip columns or TMZ.

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Stbx is a serial-cheater who thinks *nothing* of having sex with other women, so the movies that *get* me are the ones where the person is *on their way* to cheating.....but stop before following through because of 'their conscience.' That gets to me every.single.time because I think WHY couldn't MY spouse have been like *that*? (I'm specifically thinking of a movie that had Chris Rock in it.....)

(I LOVE Pearl Harbor....I'm a sucker for movies with great soundtracks and *spot on* casting.)

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I find anything with even a hint of adultery in it is hard. Tonig we went to see "the Butler".....really enjoyed the movie but had a hard time with Oprah was having the affair with the next door neighbour. .....even hubby had a hard time with that one.

I leave the room or turn the channel now when there is any infidelity.


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My STBXWW and I were watching an episode of the last season of "Mad Men" when I realized it was going to be painful ever being with her again. The particular episode was when Don's girlfriend gets a part in a movie or something where she has to have an affair, and she comments to Don: I hope you don't think I'm a dirty cheating whore (or something like that). Pretty poignant moment in our marriage, and I filed about two weeks later. I will never watch 'Mad Men' again

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There is one from the 80's that does me in every time I see it: Violets Are Blue with Sissy Spacek and Kevin Kline. Used to be one of my favorite movies until it (cheating with an old girlfriend) happened to me.

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Booger bear - The Notebook is a huge trigger for me. I've never actually watched the movie or read the book (read one Nicholas Sparks book and you've read them all), but there are so many pictures and quotes from the movie that pop up all the time. The OW in our case is a HUGE FAN of that movie. She thinks her life should be a movie.

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Seeking A Friend For the End Of The World and The Five Year Engagement both got me.

In The Five Year Engagement, the woman cheats with her boss. That and other parts of the couple's relationship hit close to home.

In Seeking A Friend For the End Of The World, the main character, Steve Carell I think, finds out from a neighbor that his wife had been cheating on him. In addition to portraying the anger and pain well, he goes home and does one of the same things I did, which is pull all of his wife's stuff out of his closet. That brought me right back to dday.

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The Vow was a difficult movie for me to watch but one line struck me.

I chose to stay with him for all the things he's done right; not the one thing he's done wrong.

That was a perspective I had not considered.

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In "Love Actually" Emma Watson's character finds out her husband bought jewelry for a coworker and she sobs. It was hard to watch (and my future ex was there squeezing my hand). Then she asked her husband, "What would you do? Would you cut and run, or would you stay knowing life would always be a little bit worse?" I tried staying, and it described it exactly.

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Just about every movie I watch reminds me of the A. If it's not triggers, it's the cheating/sexual message in all movies.

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I agree about the scene in Love Actually. When she went into the bedroom to compose herself - I assume because of the kids...that was something!

had a hard time with Oprah was having the affair with the next door neighbour

Were they actually having an affair??? Are you sure??? I was hoping they were contemplating having an affair, but she decided against it. ??? Any chance???

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I have a hard time watching anything fictional now. It seems like everything is centered around cheating, affairs, sex, or hot women.

One of my favorite movies from years ago was "Sweetheart's Dance" with Susan Saranden and Don Johnson. I loved the cast and it took place in New England, so the scenery was beautiful. It was about him having an affair and the affects it had on the marriage, children and friends. While it placed affairs in a bad light, it's still hard to watch now. Too close to home. In addition, it's so hard for a movie to accurately depict ALL the devastation in a two hour time frame.

My WBF still hasn't figured out that I'm just not wanting to watch movies, period. I don't understand how he doesn't get this, when the only thing I turn on is "Ghost Adventures", these days. I'll literally come up with any excuse to not watch drama on the screen.

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Default  Posted: 10:39 AM, September 9th (Monday)

"Hope Floats" Sandra Bullock

Was on this weekend.
It was a gut wrenching portrayal of what the abandonment does to not only the spouse, but to the kids.

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"Unfaithful" with Diane Lane and Richard Gere...nothing happy about this movie...showcases all the points where a WW could choose so many other paths besides adultery...BH ends up killing OM when he goes to his apartment to confront him(accidentally)...just an all around feel bad movie.

"The Other Boleyn Girl" - typical script for Scarlett Johansson. Seems like the same character she portrays in other movies....using sex and betrayal to get what she wants...hurting anyone, including family members, who get in her way.

"Vicky Christina Barcelona" - another Scarlett Johansson movie of course. This one in particular was difficult for me b/c my WH was pushing me very hard to have a polyamourous relationship with him and OW. Not something I was interested in at all! Lots of betrayal played up as "just happening" or because WS was "unhappy" so it's ok, or WS was trying to "find themselves". Don't think I'd have any trouble watching it now b/c I can clearly see how messed up these characters are and I know what my boundaries are.

"Buck" - nothing affair related as far as I know...just a movie that WH and OW "shared" with one another during their initial flirting/romancing. They were sharing movie titles that they couldn't wait to watch with one another. Buck Brannaman's story has a component of FOO child abuse which both WS and his OW share. That was part of their affair; "Helping" each other with those feelings from the past. OW seemed a bit miffed that I "stole her thunder"...WH told her that I had met Buck Brannaman years ago when my kids took a roping class with him and had read books by and about his journey. Funny, he would never read any of the books when I suggested it or watch that movie when I suggested it. But when the OW suggested it, my god, it was brilliant! I've never seen the movie and wouldn't have been able to watch it last year, but I think I could now. Just not with WH. He probably wouldn't remember her suggesting it anyway.

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I hate that you never know if infidelity is lurking around the corner in a movie or TV show. I hate when I get triggered by it. I only watch what I know is safe now. Music too. I hope one day affairs will be portrayed the same as drug addictions.

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Same Time Next Year.

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The Painted Veil. My mother loved this movie and told me to watch it. I told her that I found it hard to watch because it is about infedelity, she didn't get it. lol.

That and Anna Karenina, it was hard for me. It didn't glamorize having an affair and the portrayal of the betrayed husband was hard to watch.

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After my Dday I went to see "Hope Springs" with Meryle
Streep and Tommy Lee Jones. It was the same week my H and I started marriage counseling. I had no idea what it was about....Though it was going to be up lifting....I sat there and cried through whole movie.

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I've been watching Breaking Bad on Netflix with my husband. And Walt's lying to Skyler has really been getting to me. (I'm only on Season 3)

No, my husband isn't a drug dealer or manufacturer. It's just that he withheld and lied for so so many years that I've come to hate lying more than I ever thought I could.

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In "Love Actually" Emma Watson's character finds out her husband bought jewelry for a coworker and she sobs. It was hard to watch (and my future ex was there squeezing my hand). Then she asked her husband, "What would you do? Would you cut and run, or would you stay knowing life would always be a little bit worse?" I tried staying, and it described it exactly.

Love Actually was always one of our favorite movies, we watch it probably twice a year...last time we watched it was in May, before I knew, before D-day and this very scene came on and despite seeing it so many times before I started crying. A few weeks after D-day I brought it up to WH, how could you sit there and watch that scene with me and feel NOTHING?? He claims he didn't sleep well that night, um, right.

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I hate the notebook. Why does Hollywood make affairs look so ok? Drives me nuts.
Oh and there is an affair on Breaking Bad too.

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I loved the "Decedents." I just saw it the other day for the first time. I started to change the channel when I saw what it was about, but then I decided to have WH#2 watch it. It brought tears to my eyes and he could see that it was breaking my heart. It showed all the stages that a BS goes through. I even commented to him that I have read similar stories on "my forum" with basically the same thing happening. I think it really made him think about what he had done and how wrong it could have went. He was like the real estate guy who didn't really love the OW but lied to her and made her believe he did. After the movie was over, he came over to me and gave me a hug, and a kiss, and told me he loved me. For the first time in a long time, I could think he really meant it. It had lots of triggers, but I wished all WS would see it to see what the BS, kids, friends, and family go through because of their selfish decisons and that Karma will eventually catch up to them in the end.

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Netflix has an indie film called "Rid of Me" which many might find triggery. It is a little dark film, that has some hilarious moments. I like it because the main character is very introverted like me and there were some awkward moments in the film that resonated with me. So reminded me of many moments with my WH and mutual friends where I felt like an outsider.

"Something to Talk About" with Julia Roberts is great, and actually empowering. Very triggery for some no doubt though.

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The Incredibles of all movies triggers me....a cartoon!

Elastic girl thinks Mr incredible is having an affair.

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A month after reconciliation, I made the mistake of watching "Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor". I was a hot mess before the end. Not a good idea.

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I've given up on movies. Even Despicable Me II triggered me, for reasons I cannot remember.

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watched sons of anarchy (tv show) and there has always been cheating in it...i got up and walked away...he just stared at me...

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On the TV, Broadchurch , a murder mystery series on BBC. Fantastic show, but there were a couple of episodes surrounding an A, and the way the actress portrayed the BS was so realistic it ripped my heart out.

I write romance novels, or at least I used to prior to D-day. One of them was a 'forbidden love' story, which was my most popular story ever. It never set right with me, though, and I wrote a sequel (also prior to DDay) where they dealt with the aftermath and the WW ultimately reconciled with her BH. I got hate mail for it like you wouldn't believe saying I ruined a beautiful love story. Now, post D-day, I can't even bear to think about it.

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