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User Topic: 89 year old dad loves the hospital
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Default  Posted: 10:33 AM, September 8th (Sunday)

My 89 year old sweet dad loves being in the hospital.
Loves being away from my mom, all the attention from the nurses. He absolutely loves the food!
I do believe every few months he fakes having heart pains to get admitted for tests.
This last time was this past week. After two days of tests they found nothing. I was ready to give him a stern talking to when I picked him up.
So we walk in the room and there he sits cute as a button . Says to me and my mom, "want to see what I got."
He proceeds to lift his hospital gown and show us his depends they put on him. He's happy as can be.
He's regressing to an infant and happy to do so.
He's going to wear me out.

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I'm sure this is exhausting for you, but this post still made me smile.

Does he have any need for home healthcare? That might give him the extra outside extra attention he likes.


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I would definitely talk with the case workers at the hospital. Like persevere said he may benefit from having HHC.

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Would he be happier in a nursing home?

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Thanks for the hugs and replies.
@persevere, glad it are you smile. He really is so darn adorable!!
@mama, he is receiving HHC for the next few weeks. :0)
@purple, that's something I haven't thought about. I may broach that with him.

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Sounds like if he has the funds some home care, not home health, but plain old home care, that you pay for out of pocket, may be in order for him for a few hours a few days a week.
This gives mom a break, and him some other attention. They will do anything and everything from baths, laundry, cooking meals, and trips to the Dr, or store.

If he was in the service, he may also be eligible for a benefit that pays for this.

Nursing homes are expensive, unless he has a long term care insurance policy, he will burn through savings faster than you would believe. The only time insurance pays for a stay in the nursing home is for rehab, to get them home.

((((and strength)))

if you have other questions feel free to PM me regarding options for care.

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