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Happy  Posted: 2:33 AM, September 11th (Wednesday)

A couple of years ago WH suddenly resigned from his job. This was shortly after I entered a masters program. Our initial plan had been for me to reduce my hours as an ICU charge nurse as I studied. Suddenly this wasn't able to happen.

I struggled through the first year studying, working full-time, a depressed unemployed spouse and then my darling SIL was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma. I wanted to give up my study but couldn't afford to pay back my scholarship that covered most of my fees.
When SIL died I thought perhaps life would cease with the curve balls. However then came a breast lump and shortly after came D-day.

At that point I could hardly function so I submitted a begging letter to the university to have a six month extension to finish my thesis.

Two months ago I finally submitted - just pleased to see the back of it and hoping it was enough to pass although a bit gutted it wasn't what I really had intended.

Today my supervisor rang to tell me thesis had been returned and I had passed. Not just passed but passed with first class honours!

I am so delighted - and I think WH is even more delighted.

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Take up your space (and do it well).

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Great news!

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How wonderful! Congratulations, avicarswife!!

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Congrats!!! That is awesome!

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Well done!

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Maybe 2 things to celebrate - getting it done and getting high marks....

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Awesome work. Congrats!

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